Why Each Pro Sport Is Overrated

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It's difficult to ignore sports. They're everywhere! As someone who spent my birthday in a sports bar with a guy yelling at the television above my head the entire meal, I can tell you sports are very overrated.

The guy in question was with his wife and another couple. He didn't pay any attention to his companions. I had to ask myself why a basketball game was so important that a man isolated himself from his friends. When you break it down it's just a bunch of guys who have the goal to throw a ball into a hoop, right?

Sports are Big Money!

Not quite. According to Forbes, in the year 2014 the sports industry in North America was valued at $60.5 billion dollars! These numbers are projected to reach $73.5 billion by 2019. These numbers are astounding! The following are some reason why all of the pro sports are very overrated.

Why Pro Sports are Overrated


Did you watch the World Series this year? Considering over 40 million viewers tuned in to Game 7, it's likely you caught at least one game. Cubs fans were able to watch their team win for the first time in over a century. Why a team that hadn't won in 108 years still had fans is a mystery to me.


Basketball is another sport where the fans place way too much value on a game. The player's job is to dribble a basketball, keep it away from the opposing team, and throw it into a basket. These fans are responsible for LeBron James earning $30 million a year. And for what? To see him throw a ball into a basket? A toddler can do that!


Arguably, the Super Bowl is the biggest sporting event of the year for most Americans! For Super Bowl 50, 111.9 million viewers tuned in. This event features a halftime show with elaborate performances from the most popular performers. It also features new commercials where advertisers pay a high premium for a 30 second spot. Face it, if you watch the Superbowl, you are responsible for the monkey/puppy/baby!


Want to watch grown men get an elbow to the face, lose teeth, and get slammed against walls? No, I'm not talking about wrestling or MMA fights, I'm talking about hockey!

How men with sticks and pucks on ice can manage to make hockey one of the bloodiest sports is beyond me.


Worldwide, soccer,or football for any non-American, is the most popular of all sports. David Beckham made $75 million in 2014, thanks to this overrated sport. All a player has to do is get a ball past a goalie without using their hands. How hard can that be?

Overrated and Loved

Yes, sports are overrated! Still, the majority of us still get sucked into watching them. Whether you root for the underdog or the team that you grew up loving, we are all part of the reason sports are so overrated.