The #ComicsGate Thing

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The #ComicsGate Thing by Troy Riser

(What is this ComicsGate thing you keep hearing about? To some, it's a hate group, symbolizing old white guys whining about comics turning into political agitprop for social agendas. To others, it's a movement of fans who just want to read good comics again without having to endure stories where the writer's personal ideologies and philosophies have been shoe-horned into their favorite character's makeup.

It's a pretty big thing, and it's a pretty volatile one as well, with some comics professionals (so-called) making threats of violence (or at the very least wistful wishes of agonizing death and disease) against anyone who dares to align themselves with the movement.

It's about comics. It's a controversy, so naturally it's a gate. And it's a thing. All of which mean it's a thing best explained by allegory -- as a comic! And that is exactly what Troy Riser has done in this first ever Critical Blast Comics (yeah, we need to trademark that, PDQ) publication he has written and drawn.

So buckle up, buttercup! You're about to embark on an adventure into... THE #COMICSGATE THING!

-- Howard Price, Publisher)

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