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Matt Damon: Still Looking Slick at 46
Wednesday, 19/09/18
Matt Damon is celebrating his 30th anniversary in Hollywood this year. Since starting out in 1988 acting at Harvard, he would make his film debut in the rom-com MYSTIC PIZZA. However, it wasn’t until 1997 when Damon teamed up with Ben Affleck to write GOOD WILL HUNTING, which gave both he and Affleck a breakthrough in the Hollywood industry. Since... + continue reading
Tuesday, 18/09/18
The Captain Marvel Trailer makes me flashback to 2013's MAN OF STEEL, and it looks like the movie will be heavy on flashbacks as well. Easily recognizable as a journey of self-discovery, against the backdrop of an alien invasion, CAPTAIN MARVEL will take the MCU in a new direction with a female protagonist leading the charge. Even the tagline... + continue reading