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Our offices are located at:

Critical Blast
Howard Price, Publisher
24 Hillside Drive
Holiday Island, AR 72631

Office number: 618-803-1123      
Email: Howard.Price@CriticalBlast.com

Critical Blast is dedicated to delivering news, reviews, opinions and interviews from the field of entertainment and pop culture. The opinions shared are those of the respective authors, and may not reflect the opinions of CriticalBlast.com or its management.

Our Staff:

Jeff Ritter, Senior Editor - Began his internet journalist career (blogging is the sound you make after drinking to much and then woofing down a sack of White Castles) writing rememberences and show reviews for Midwest Renegade Wrestling. When that promotion ceased operations, he found a niche writing short comic reviews for Comics2Film.com. From there he because an editorial columnist for ComicNexus.com before joining RJ Carter at The-Trades.com, where he wrote the occasional comics column and film reviews. Jeff now enjoys covering live events whenever possible, including stage productions and concerts. He's a big fan of comic conventions, Kickstarter projects, and co-writing CHEAP POPS with his Jersey pals Chris "Star Man" Delloiacono and Mike "The Amazon" Maillaro.

In his spare time, Jeff likes to play (and tinker with creating) board games, experience cuisine from all over the world, attempt to see ever ballpark in the majors, and resurrect the lost art of the long, prosaic narrative. If you want Twitter-sized blurbs with no substance, take another chug of hooch, scarf another Belly Bomber, and lose more of your attention span to the b-bl-BLOGoshpere! (Did he mention being a rather young curmudgeon?)

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SJ Mitchell, Social Media Director -

Having won an award for his writing, Stephen has been published in two anthologies and is currently working on a full-length novel of his own. He can be found on Twitter for deep conversations or idle prattle about anything pop-culture related. You can stay updated on his work and interact with him on Facebook as well.
For Critical Blast, Stephen typically covers movies, music, live events, comic books, and television. Occasionally he'll work up the nerve to do an interview or two.

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R.J. Carter, Correspondent - R.J. Carter is the author of a couple of things, the latest of which is THE DESTROYER #152: CONTINENTAL DIVIDE.

For Critical Blast he writes about movies, comics, and other sundry controversial items.
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Dennis Russo, Music Editor - Dennis Russo is an avid audiophile and record collector for over 40 years. He enjoys vigorous discourse on the topics of stereo equipment and music, as well as science fiction and 18th Century engravings which he also enjoys and collects. He is also a bona-fide Anglophile and takes pleasure in all things British especially science fiction, drama and comedy television from Across The Pond.
A native Long Island Italian New Yorker, he always looks for the good in everything but can be somewhat impassioned about his opinions and slightly closed-minded when it comes to others when they conflict with his. He's a good egg who's willing to turn a sympathetic ear to hear your side of the story, and if you can defend it well, you might even change his mind... one day he hopes it will happen.
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Stu Moran, Correspondent - Stu Moran is a Physical Media collector based out of Michigan USA. He runs when of the largest movie collector groups on Facebook with 10K members.

Bill Casticart, Correspondent - Sometimes writer. Caution: armed with opinions.

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  Raven Oweiner, Correspondent