Reprint Policy

So you've found an article at that you really like and you want to pass it along?  That's great! We love how social media makes this kind of sharing possible.

Unfortunately, sometimes there are friends on the Internet who, in their effort to share what they've found, copy and paste the entirety of one of our articles, and put it up on their own blog. Sure, they may link back to the original site, but be aware that this still doesn't make up for the fact that the entire story has been lifted, and that just doesn't help anybody.

So we've had to develop an official policy on reprints:

Articles at are copyright their respective authors. Reproduction of any articles at is limited to the first 100 words, and must be followed or preceded by a linkback to the source article. Excerpts from mid-article are also acceptable so long as the entirety of all excerpts do not exceed 100 words, unless permission has been obtained.

To request permission for reproduction in excess of 100 words, please contact us and ask. Chances are we will probably be very accommodating!

Thank you!