Bellin's ECOSYSTEM Beautifully Served, Bitter to Swallow

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​Imagine a sentient, hostile world focused on the destruction of all human life. In Joshua David Bellin's ECOSYSTEM, Mother Earth has rejected her evil human inhabitants, driving them near extinction. Only small pockets of humanity remain, having evolved to combat their inevitable destruction by becoming "in tune" to the language of nature--a language that requires using previously untapped human abilities, a sixth sense requiring extreme mental energy, emotional control, and physical exertion. This "Force of Nature" is the only gift that allows humanity to exist on the planet. These highly gifted individuals serve important roles in the community, taking back from nature what it previously provided, such as food, wood, shelter, and other natural elements used for the benefit of mankind.

I love using my imagination to see things differently or as they might become. Bellin did not disappoint in allowing me to immerse myself in this fictitious world he created. His eloquence in creating a new reality is remarkable. The story flows so illustriously, capturing the audience's attention and making them want to learn more about this new gift, or Force of Nature, and its role in saving mankind. He definitely is gifted in the use of metaphors and precise descriptive language, like a stream flowing gently over rocks in a most soothing and enjoyable manner. His remarkable literary style was inspiring, creating a desire to explore deeper into his stories, wanting and craving more. Yum, chocolate!

The story focuses on a particular gifted young woman who has trained for years to join the inner circle of the council. She is permitted to use her gift for the betterment of man, participating in necessary 'hunting' activities, extracting from nature what it won't provided to them in order to survive. Yet the main character is a shallow self-serving individual, throwing her entire life away for revenge. After years of study, tutelage, and honing her gift, she threw it all away. Wait...what?!? Seriously. I am supposed to have empathy for a woman who disrespects her elders, lies about her intentions, gets someone killed, and pursues the emotional lusts of the flesh for revenge. Now you lost me.

While some will thoroughly enjoy the story, become a fan of the author, agree with the story's premise, love the characters, and understand that mankind deserves to be destroyed by Mother Earth, I do not. I found the entire premise of the story familiar, yet revolting. Earth was created for the benefit of Mankind. Man is her steward, with a responsibility to protect and care for Her. I personally cannot imagine nature reviling against its created purpose in direct opposition to it. It was difficult as I was reading to set aside this personal belief. Yet the author has capture and harnessed his belief to create a fabulous work of fiction that many will find enjoyable and very well written.

Overall, well done. There will be many that love and enjoy it. Personally I cannot recommend this to anyone.