Fed Up Of The Cold? These Sunny Slots Will Warm You Up In No Time!

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Sunny Slots

Are you fed up of the cold, dark winter and just can’t wait for the warmer weather? If you answered yes – then we have the perfect Slots for you! These super-hot online Slots at Paddy Power are sure to get you warmed up. So, pack your suitcase, sit back and relax as you’re transported to paradise islands with endless sun, sea and golden white sand.

So, what are you waiting for? Read on to find out more!

Sunset Reels

This slot game not only allows you to zoom into the heat of the Nevada desert, but it gives you the option of whether you want to sunbathe or zoom back out and enjoy the authenticity of playing amongst other slot games in the heart of a casino hall. Either way, this game is sure to create some heat as you spin three reels, three rows and five paylines.

The classic fruit symbols make an appearance in this game, each paying 8x your bet. Melons and bars payout a generous 40x and three sevens secure you the jackpot of 160x your bet!

For an even more nostalgic feel, you can really make the sun set on these reels as you try to unlock more winnings and hit a Full House. If the same symbol occupies each of the nine Slots on your screen, then your win is doubled! There really is nothing hotter than this slot machine.

Beach Life

Life’s a beach on this exotic island, where sun, sea and golden sands are endless. Your holiday can begin from a bet of just 0.50 coins, and don’t forget to pack your flip-flops, because the moment this game spins into action you’ll find yourself in the heavenly tropics, surrounded by bright colours, party images and not a single cloud in sight.

You can expect to find some surfers, swimmers, ice creams and more in this stylish game, as you spin the five reels and 20 paylines in the hopes of bagging the incredible progressive jackpot. If you’re lucky enough to land five wild sun symbols, then you’ll have the chance to win over 100,000 coins!

If you’re ready to pack your bags and escape the rain, then Beach Life is sure to transport you to paradise.

Paradise Reels

Speaking of paradise, Paradise Reels is a five-reel video slot with nine active paylines bathed in sun-kissed multipliers and jackpots. Escape to a desert island, kick back and relax as you spin the reels in the hopes of finding the Slot’s maximum jackpot, which is surprisingly hidden behind one of the playing cards symbols. That’s right – five matching aces on the same payline can earn you a multiplier of 5,000x your bet! On top of this, you can expect to find many fruity symbols such as cherries, watermelons and lucky number sevens, each offering even more payouts!

You can jet off for just 0.01 coins, and you can choose to activate each payline yourself, or you could hit the ‘Max Lines’ button which will spin the paylines automatically, keeping gameplay straightforward for newer players. What’s more – landing three of the coconut scatter symbols on the screen will give you a chance to enter the highly-anticipated bonus coconut shy. Each coconut yields a hidden cash prize, and if you can pick three of the same, you’ll win the amount displayed!