American-Made Glass Bongs: Are They Worth the Price?

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American-Made Glass Bongs

The cannabis industry has recorded plenty of growth since the 2018 Farm Bill made hemp and hemp-related products legal in the US. This landmark ruling approved the use of hemp for medicinal and recreational purposes.

Many products, from hemp leaves and flowers to CBD concentrates and gummies, have flooded the market. As a result, you can now enjoy fresh cannabis and other hemp derivatives in many ways.

Similarly, accessories that help one get the best experience when using cannabis for relaxation or recreation have emerged. A popular option is American-made bongs.

Smoking is one common way of enjoying cannabis and hemp products. You can fold them in wraps or use equipment called bongs or water pipes.

There are several bongs on the market, but American-made glass bongs are one of the best. This brief article shows why American-made bongs are among the best cannabis accessories on the market. It also highlights things you should consider before choosing one.

What Are Bongs?

Glass bongs first appeared as Kurgans more than 2000 years ago. The Scythian Tribal Chiefs in present-day Russia used these gold vessels for smoking cannabis and opium.

Later, a physician called Hakim Abul Fath invented the present-day bong or water pipe in India using glass. Hakim’s discovery of tobacco prompted him to search for a device to cleanse tobacco smoke.

The inspiration for his invention also sprang from the fact that he believed that tobacco smoke should pass through a small quantity of water before smoking to clean and make it pure.

Bongs filter smoke from cannabis (mainly hemp), herbs, or tobacco. These devices pass the smoke through a water-filled chamber and give you purified smoke.

Glass is the primary material for making bongs. Sometimes, manufacturers use colored glass or employ artists to create unique designs on the bongs.

Most bongs are handmade and created by a process called glass-blowing. On the flip side, manufacturers can use machine molding or casts to create bongs.

Using glass makes bongs transparent, so you see what happens in them in real-time.

American-made glass bongs are famous since they are handmade and of excellent quality. The glass-blowing process also gives American-made bongs some of the rarest designs you’ll ever find in the cannabis industry.

How Do Bongs Work?

To understand what a bong is and how it works, think of the filter or sieve you use at home to strain coffee, rice, or potatoes.

The glass bong works the same way, only that the filtrate is clean CBD-rich smoke. Water pipes or bongs have openings that allow cannabis or tobacco smoke to enter and flow through the water in the filtration chamber.

Every bong has three parts—an inlet, a filtration chamber containing water, and an outlet called the mouthpiece.

An inlet close to the bottom of the bongs lets smoke in and leads it to the filtration chamber. In this chamber, the smoke flows through a small quantity of water. You can see the filtration process going on in real-time as the tiny smoke bubbles move through the water.

When smoke emerges from the water, it immediately enters the outlet or mouthpiece. This way, you get purified smoke which improves your smoking experience with cannabis.

One advantage bongs have over paper wraps of cannabis or hemp cigars is that the water removes a lot of dust and ashes that are by-products of burning cannabis. As a result, you prevent dust and ash particles from entering your airways.

Using bongs is also healthier since you’ll smoke cannabis or tobacco in its most natural form without the artificial additives commonly found in cigars.

American-made glass bongs also come with percolators that collect and concentrate the smoke before it leaves the mouthpiece. In addition, they also include splash guards that prevent the water in the filtration from spilling over.

American-Made Glass - The Best Quality?

There are several imported glass bongs in the US, but many stick to an American-made bong for many reasons. Does this action mean that American-made glass is better? Or are there other reasons people choose them?

Here are some features of American-made glass:

●Hand Made

There’s a saying: “the best things are made by hand.” The same applies to glass. For ages, air-blown glass has been known for its strength and superior quality. Hand blowing ensures quality control when the glass is still in formation. As a result, one can monitor the thickness and strength when crafting it and easily make any changes while the molten glass is still hot.

On the other hand, imported glass is mainly made using machines and molds. Hence, this process makes quality control only possible when the bongs have cooled down.

Unfortunately, changes are no more possible at that stage since the glass has cooled and cannot be remolded.

●Rare Designs

Another advantage you’ll get from buying hand blown glass is that you’ll have access to some of the rarest designs available.

Producers of American-made glass bongs use a process called glass blowing. This crafting procedure gives handmade glass some of the rarest and craziest designs possible, like the handmade Macaron, Stegosaurus, or Mr. Voorhees Le Sommeil bongs. Glass-blowing involves manually shaping red hot glass and enables glass smiths to add minute designs to the glass while it is still molten at the same time.

Glass made using molds or casts are usually mass-produced in one general design. Making casts takes time and resources, so manufacturers tend to make many glass bongs using one technique to save costs.

This way, you’ll see replicas of imported glass bongs everywhere.

On the other hand, handmade American glass bongs include rare pieces and can stay in your cannabis collection for years.

For people who love keeping collectibles, American-made glass fits this purpose perfectly.

Since they are exclusive pieces, they can even see an increase in value after some years, which gives you extra benefits if you wish to exhibit your bong collection.

●Top-Notch Quality

Handmade American glass is thicker and lasts longer than imported glass. It is also resistant to scratches and cracks that result from constant usage. American-made glass also feels heavier and sturdier than other glass bongs.

Casts or molds may cause an uneven spread of molten glass, which causes internal stress and cracks in imported glass bongs. These tiny splits in the bongs eventually cause more extensive damage and even reduce their lifespan.

American water pipes or bongs have stood the test of time and can outlast many generations due to their unique crafting process.

●Less Handling

One significant advantage of ordering American-made bongs from collections like Everything for 420 is that delivery takes less time. This brand gets handmade glass bongs from renowned glass smiths like Empire Glassworks and Noble Glass.

All the crafting happens on American soil, so it involves less distance, unlike imported glass. As a result, you’ll get free delivery and fast shipping times. This way, you can save more while building your bong collection.

In addition, less handling means less damage due to shipping and transportation to various warehouses. Imported glass bongs move from one port to another and sustain slight damage during this long shipping process. All these sum up and eventually reduce the lifespan of the product.

American-made glass does not undergo this stressful shipping process, is more durable, and has a longer lifespan.

Are American Bongs More Expensive?

If you want a collection of American bongs, prepare to spend big. While they are not very costly, American-made bongs cost significantly more than their imported counterparts.

American bongs are handmade, thicker, and more durable. Making them this way requires skill, effort, patience, and more molten glass. Hence, all these lead to an increased cost compared to imported bongs.

For those looking for rare pieces of glass bongs that stand the test of time and stay presentable even after many decades, American bongs offer these benefits. These products will make others envy your bong collection anytime, anywhere.

American bongs are more expensive than imported ones, but their quality and exquisite designs are worth paying extra.

What Also Is American-Made in the Cannabis Industry?

Several other American-made products help you maximize your cannabis smoking experience. These include filters, rolling trays, rolling papers, and vapes.

Many manufacturers boldly state that their product is made in America. Ensure you check for the stamp that shows the product is made in the US. You can get American-made bongs from brands like Everything For 420.

Why Choose an American-Made Bong?

Here are some reasons why you should choose an American-made bong over imported glass bongs.

The quality of handmade glass bongs beats that of imported glass. American glass bongs are handmade, which makes them thicker, sturdier, and more resistant to stress. Also, less handling ensures that these bongs retain their quality and last longer.

In addition, you’ll also save more in delivery costs as a brand like Everything for 420 gives you free delivery and fast shipping for every handmade American glass bong you order.

Finally, American-made glass bongs feature some of the rarest and most exotic designs ever. The glass smiths make each glass bong manually with a unique design, giving them more value in your cannabis collection. Imported glass lacks this feature since it is mass-produced mainly in molds or casts.

Wrapping Up

American-made glass has one of the best qualities every experienced stoner wants. These glass bongs give you a euphoric experience that lights up your evening and relaxes your brain.

These bongs last longer and are expertly crafted by hand. You’ll also get the advantage of using high-quality American-made bongs that remain valuable after many years.

In addition, these bongs have rare designs that are iconic and complement your smoking collectibles.

Ensure you take advantage of the exclusive free delivery, which is also discreet, and get yourself one of the best American-made bongs from Everything For 420.