Bypassing A Blockage - Is It Legal?

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Bypassing a Blockage...

Blocking sites by geolocation parameter is a special technology by which the provider restricts access to an Internet platform depending on the location of the user. As a rule, the portal is banned due to compliance with copyright law. Restrictions are also affected by regulations adopted in the specific country or state. For example, it is a ban on the organization of and participation in gambling.

However, not all users are ready to put up with the lack of access to the site. To avoid restrictions, they use special plugins and software to bypass the blockage. Yet how legal is this and what should wrongdoers expect? Read more below.

Blocking Websites and Methods to Bypass it at an Example of a Casino

Just imagine that one of the online establishments offers a wide range of games and generous bonuses. In addition, gamblers can participate in tournaments and regularly take advantage of promotions. Such online establishments are popular, and users from different countries are eager to register on their sites. However, gambling platforms are not ready to accept all visitors. For example, when reading the review of Betway casino it becomes clear that it is impossible to register for players from the United States. For them, there are restrictions, because of which the site does not open. This applies to access from the computer, as well as to the use of betway mobile casino.

The fact is that online services can automatically determine the location of visitors. The IP address is used for this purpose. Moreover, the portal is customized for users from certain countries. For example, the site provides different options for settlements in different currencies. If users from the USA are allowed to visit a platform, the visitors can see how to get, for instance, free spin Betway casino taking into account payments in dollars.

Due to the fact that the online platform recognizes the IP address, users apply software to substitute it. Accordingly, a visitor to the portal will not be perceived as a resident of the United States, but as a player from another country. This is simple and convenient. The only question is the legality of the method.

Is It Legal to Bypass the Restrictions?

The question of the legality of site blocking bypass should be considered on a country-by-country and even state-by-state basis. As a rule, residents of the United States and Europe have nothing to fear. However, it is necessary to be aware of the actions they are taking. If a user uses software to change the IP address in order to participate in fraudulent schemes, they are committing a crime. For example, this applies to the darknet, information about which can be found at If the organizers and perpetrators are identified, then they will have to face the consequences to the fullest extent of the law.

But there are some countries, where the use of software to change the IP address can lead to a heavy fine or arrest. Such measures are taken against offenders in the following jurisdictions:

  • China;
  • UAE;
  • Turkey;
  • Egypt.

To avoid negative consequences, it is recommended that you familiarize yourself with the laws of your country before using bypass software and plugins. The option is ideal and as simple as possible.

Methods to Bypass Website Blocking

Software developers offer four blocking bypass methods. Each of them can be described as good in its own way and has certain advantages and disadvantages. All options are listed in the table below.

Blocking bypass method

Pros and cons

VPN (virtual private network)

It ensures the anonymity of users and the privacy of information. However, it is possible that connection speeds are reduced.

Proxy Server

There is a wide range of available resources, and ease of use. Free options can be fraudulent

Tor Network

It is easy to manage and intuitive setup, and connection security through a special "tunnel". But it slows down the connection and there is no protection against cyberattacks through plugins

Smart DNS

It ensures ease of use and fast access to sites. But using it requires manual configuration; there is no provision for encrypting traffic or changing the IP address

Developers offer both paid and free versions of programs and plugins to bypass blocked portals. Of course, most users prefer to eliminate costs. However, you should keep in mind that free versions can turn out to be fraudulent and give third parties access to confidential information on your computer or smartphone.


VPN is considered the most common way to bypass blocking. It can be used to mask the IP address and spoof any region. For example, you are in the U.S. and want to enter the site under the guise of a resident of Germany. There is nothing complicated about this. It is enough to choose the desired jurisdiction in the settings, and web traffic will be routed through the German servers.

Proxy Server

A proxy server is a kind of intermediary between the user and the site you want to enter. Resources are located in many countries around the world, so there are no problems with changing the IP address. Initially, the request is sent to the proxy server. It is then processed and sent to the final website. Accordingly, the target site sees only the IP address that belongs to the proxy server.

Tor Network

Tor is a network of servers. Your traffic is routed through several random resources, which increases anonymity. For ease of use, the developers suggest downloading the Tor browser. The advantage is that the settings are automatically reset at the end of the session:

  • passwords;
  • cookies;
  • visit history.

Thanks to multi-level encryption, no one will be able to track your requests. You can find more details about the service at

Smart DNS

When you use the service, the DNS address of your device is replaced. Instead of information about your computer, other data is sent to the website you are looking for. For example, it can be the DNS of your ISP, Google, Cloudflare, and other resources. If you're inexperienced, you'll have to figure out the settings but you won't have any problems with the connection speed.