Tactics and ideas that will help improve your rank in Rainbow 6 Siege

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Tactics Rainbow 6 Siege

P6 is one of the most famous session projects, which is based on the confrontation between terrorists and special forces, but the main emphasis is on the destruction of the entire map, laying out special routes and thinking through the tactics of assault and holding points down to the smallest detail.

The selection of agents also plays an important role, because each operative has his own distinctive characteristics and abilities.

This can be reconnaissance, destruction of obstacles and means of assault.

The most interesting mode, which exactly replicates the eSports format and is the most important and striking, is rating matches, in which all players are motivated in r6 rank boosting to increase their rating level.

The higher your rank, the more serious and interesting allies and opponents you will encounter in the match.

Match tactics

Conduct reconnaissance


Each map in Rainbow 6 is a full-fledged object that is held by terrorists with hostages, or a planted bomb, who need to be found and eliminated, or saved.

Since the map is quite large, and there are only 5 enemies, you need to quickly determine the safest path for attack, and for this you need to analyze the territory using drones, cameras, mirrors and other means of analyzing the situation.

Always be prepared for a fight, because there is always a type of player who, even when playing on defense, can attack themselves, trying to find quick kills and, based on them, keep a more advantageous defense at a numerical advantage.

When you inspect the territory and decide to storm, the stage of entering the building will begin, but you need to hurry and act in a coordinated manner, because the round is not endless and if you hesitate too much at the beginning, then the enemies can simply wait out the attack in a safe place and win without even entering the battle.



You must choose the type of assault - joint, or attack from several directions.

To regularly progress in Rainbow 6 Siege Boosting, you must play as a team and find key directions and cover each other, use grenades and other means to break through a new and safe path.

It will be better if you eliminate several enemies at once during the entry, and then it will be easier for you to carry out the clearing.

Even an advantage of one operative will greatly simplify your task.

No matter how cynical it may sound, often the first person to enter the room immediately gets shot.

You can use full-fledged military tactics like throwing grenades and correctly using the room entry technique, when the first player goes to the left side of the room, the second to the right side, and the third straight.

Thus, due to the pace, you can close all dangerous points and reduce the degree of risk in which the entire group, or one of its members, may die.

Be careful with grenades - on maps where there are hostages, you can easily wound one of them, or even kill them, and then the round will fail, or you will lose a lot of money, which will be useful in the future for purchasing equipment.

You don't have to be obvious and go through the map the way your enemies expect you to. You can use explosives and other means to break down the partitions between rooms and make your way to the desired parts of the house.

Be careful and do not use such tactics if you managed to quietly get into the building and the enemies have not yet discovered you - excess noise will only ruin everything and force a battle on unfavorable terms for your team.

Try to detect enemies and only then start shooting.

If the battles are difficult, that is, you have to engage in difficult battles and you suffer losses, then in order to win rounds and get p6 rank boosting, you need to play exchange, that is, lose your allies, but kill the same number of enemies, or more.

If you die, but kill two or more enemies, then you can create very good conditions and prerequisites for your team to win the round.

As you go through each room, take cover and use the technique of looking around corners - it will always help you have a better chance of surviving and destroying the enemy in contact combat.

Playing defense

As part of gaming matches, sooner or later you will have to play on the defensive to prevent your opponents from winning.

You need to plan the points from which you will conduct the defense and it is advisable that you conduct it correctly, understand the main blow of the attack and prevent it, inflicting heavy losses on the enemy.

The assault can begin through the basement, doors, windows and even the roof.

Usually attacks come from several directions at once and all players on your team must be ready for them.

You simply occupy key points that are protected from most shots, because often assaults begin with a pre-fire, when fighters shoot at all key points where there may be enemies and if your position is too obvious, then you may not be lucky.

Place barricades and mines to be able to hold off stormtroopers and slow down their pace.

For example, if a group breaks in from the roof and basement, but those on the first floors get bogged down in blocking means, or even suffer losses, then your group will have time to eliminate the enemies who invaded from the roof and then transfer their efforts to finishing off the remaining opponents.

If you regularly remain in the majority against your enemies, then your chances of winning will be much greater - according to the tactics of assault operations, there should be twice as many attackers as defensists to have a chance of successfully carrying out a cleanup.

In such conditions, you will regularly receive a cheap boost to the R6 rating, especially in defensive games.

The attacking team must have perfect teamwork in order to cover several directions of attack at once and act simultaneously, and the defenders must occupy key areas and react in a timely manner to the dangers of breaking through the defense and moving to the right points, but remember that there can always be deception attacks to force your the detachment will converge on one point, and the main assault will be in a completely different place, or, under the general turmoil, the special forces will begin to withdraw hostages, or clear the bomb.

Properly placed mines and other traps can help you secure the match from such manipulations, or slow down the assault so that you have time to quickly reorganize and repel all potential attacks.

You can even set up barricades on the fly by knowing the location of your enemies.