CD Giveaway Contest: Derek Fawcett, "Feel Better"

Derek Fawcett, "Feel Better"

Derek Fawcett presents his solo debut, but fans of his previous band, Down the Line, should find plenty to love here. “Where it departs is that I've put down the djembe in favor of the piano, my songs go in some new stylistic directions, and there are more moments of musical chaos and disorder."

“The songs on this album tell compelling, unique stories that are likely to resonate with just about anyone. My hope is that all who listen to this album will hear something that speaks to them, to the extent that it brings them joy, solace, solidarity...and hopefully, even encourages them to sing along for awhile."

This contest has ended.

The winner is MARILYN W. of Miramar Beach, FL.


Book Giveaway: Holly Black and Cassandra Clare's "The Iron Trial"

The Iron Trial by Holly Black and Cassandra Clare

This contest has completed. The randomly selected winner is: MIKE G. of FORT PIERCE, FL.

I was introduced to Cassandra Clare's The Mortal Instruments series about the same time I was reading Holly Black's Ironside. When I saw the Easter egg crossovers in each book (subtle as they were), I twigged to the fact that these two ladies knew each other, and expected them to someday work together on something.

That day has come.

The Iron Trial is the first book of a new fantasy, The Magisterium, a five-book series aimed at middle-grade -- and which will no doubt be read by their fans of all ages.

Critical Blast is happy to blast a copy of this your way if you're the selected entry in this book giveaway. Simply enter your information in the form below -- no mystical trials required -- and wait to see if you are the lucky random pick.


CD Giveaway Contest: Liz Kennedy, "Speed Bump"

Liz Kennedy, "Speed Bump"

"I was reasonably accomplished in my other work, but for years, despite my love for music, I never thought I was good enough to write, sing or play it. I kept it inside for years,” says Liz Kennedy, a fourth generation Southern Californian. "I became someone who told people I was writing music but I would never share it. Which began to feel slightly weird. When I finally met my producer, Joel Jaffe, his encouragement allowed me to step inside the studio and record my songs so I wouldn't have to hold them in any longer. And that felt very freeing. Very good. And I improved over time, which led to more and more writing. Meeting and playing with incredibly talented musicians lead me even further along the path."


CD Giveaway Contest: Rebecca Moreland, "Far From Heaven"

Rebecca Moreland, "Far From Heaven"

"Breaking Free" is the second independent release from Rebecca Moreland's new EP, Far From Heaven. The San Antonio native co-wrote the new single with Scott Whitley and co-produced the song with producer and engineer Leland Elliott at Blackbird Studios in Nashville, Tennessee.

"The song is very personal," Rebecca says. "I was reaching a crossroads where I had to choose between fully pursuing music and keeping my full time advertising job. I chose music. I wrote the majority of the song the day after I quit my job."


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