A NEW LEASH ON LIFE helps kiddies play nice with puppies!

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There are so many children’s books available to parents and educators that it can be a daunting task to pick something out the children in your life will love. Obviously, learning possibilities are an important aspect that many of us are looking for when we undertake this arduous process. It takes a skilled voice and practiced artistic touch to bring an engaging story to youthful readers and also offer a message of learning. A NEW LEASH ON LIFE is a fabulous example of the best the genre can offer.

Kara Hamilton has a beautiful command of the English language, as she spins a poetic story told from the point of view of Smokey the dog. How better to educate children about proper behavior around dogs than through the voice of a cute pooch? We first see the carefree days of Smokey through his own eyes. After that, his little life is turned upside down when a baby joins the family. Finally, the doggie doffs a mortar board and teaches the little gal proper etiquette for behaving around a canine. Without a doubt, there's quite a lot of story jammed into these pages!

A NEW LEASH ON LIFE is a story that’s fun from beginning to end, yet transfers a valuable lesson to the youthful audience. This lovely book teaches a valuable lesson but doesn’t do it in a heavy-handed way. Being an educator, I know the value of learning through fun. The engaging language mixes with the elegant images to tell a wonderful story.

More specifically about the images, Alexandria Gold makes Smokey’s world come to life in vivid detail. She used a colorful palette filled with brightness to show the joy the little dog has playing outside. Gold also renders Smokey’s emotions very well. This is an important area, as the dog’s actions and facial features are a key piece in putting forward the book’s lesson of how to behave responsibly around a dog.

The title finishes off with an interview with the Human Society that reinforces all of the strategies for dealing with dogs in the actual story. This extra feature adds some heft to the book. The biggest problem with many children’s books is that they’re over in a blink. That’s not the case with this title. If you're a dog lover with a young one, or just want to teach your child a valuable lesson, you can't go wrong with A NEW LEASH ON LIFE!

Check out Kara Hamilton's webpage for more information: http://karahamilton.com

4.0 / 5.0