Blood-Spattered Beaches and Bikinis: Troma's Surf Nazis Must Die Comes to Blu-ray

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Surf Nazis Must Die

Troma has rereleased its 1987 break-out film, SURF NAZIS MUST DIE, to Blu-ray. The loving fans of this low budget, highly insane, cult classic can once again grace their collection shelves with yet another repackaging of one of Troma’s highly touted first films.

Set in the wake of a deadly earthquake, California is now a desolate wasteland overrun by neo-Nazis, surf punks, and hooligans. Rival gang members are in constant struggle to gain control of what’s left of the beaches to dominate the people who remain.

A young African American oil worker named Leroy (Robert Harden) is jogging along the beach and is brutally murdered by the surf Nazi clan ruled by Adolf (Barry Brenner), the self-proclaimed Führer. Upon hearing of her sons’ tragic demise, Mama Washington (Gail Neely), overcome by grief, vows to exact revenge on the group that took her son away from her. Arming herself with an arsenal of hand grenades, firearms, and any weapon she can get her geriatric hands on, she breaks out of her nursing home and goes on a vigilante killing spree that is so gory and over the top that at times it’s downright laughable.

Possibly one of Troma’s best known mainstream films (from the title alone), it’s a must own for any horror/cult film collector to have in their collection. The transfer to Blu-ray is outstanding and comparable to the release from 88 FILMS that came out a few years ago. If you do happen to already own that version, there is no need to “double dip” or upgrade to this release unless you are a true completist and need to have the few small special features that were added this time around. However, if you don’t already own that version, this one is more than enough to complete your high definition Troma collection so far.

Special Features


- Intro with Lloyd Kaufman

- Interview with Peter George

- Interview with Robin Tinell

- Deleted Scenes

- Public Service Announcement 1 & 2

- The Projection Booth Podcast (New Peter George Interview)

- Indie Artists vs Cartels

- Blood Stab

Surf Nazis Must Die is in no way a film that will be on anyone’s top ten must see film lists or be touted as a masterpiece of cinema in any way shape or form. But it is a true cult classic that will live in the hearts of many a young person who saw this film growing up; and from the title alone (even if you don’t remember any of the movie itself) it will always be a part of American cinema history.   2.0/5.0

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2.0 / 5.0