Sniffing Out "The Bloodhound" from Arrow Video, Now on Blu-ray

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The Bloodhound

Arrow Video brings to Blu-ray THE BLOODHOUND,a thriller/mystery tale loosely re-imagined from Edgar Allen Poe's classic tale, FALL OF THE HOUSE OF THE USHER, written and directed by Patrick Picard in his feature-length directorial debut.

Francis (Liam Aiken) returns to the home of his long-time childhood friend, JP (Joe Adler), after hearing of JP’s waning health from an unknown affliction. Francis quickly begins to question this decision after seeing how JP has changed from when they were children. Living a life of seclusion off the family’s trust fund, JP and his twin sister Vivian (Annalise Basso), who is locked up in the basement of the home, set the stage for Francis’ downward spiral into the madness that overtakes him every minute he stays.

Longing for any human interaction, JP attempts to seduce Francis with promises of money and friendship if he would just stay with the both of them at the home and become a family once again. That longing quickly turns into jealous rage as Francis rejects all of JP’s advances, and steals what money he could find in the house. But when he attempts to leave, JP and Vivian will not make it so easy for him to go.

Joe Adler steals the show as JP; every second he is on the screen he makes the audience just as uncomfortable as Francis.

At times the art direction of the movie is a bit too much, as if the director was trying too hard to set an eerie atmosphere for the viewer. I feel it was unneeded, and ultimately detracts from the already tension-building performances from the actors.

THE BLOODHOUND is a very slow-burn film in every sense of the meaning, but it does keep your attention hooked throughout to see what will become of Francis inside this literal madhouse in which he has locked himself.

By all means not the best adaptation of Poe’s tale, but a very interesting modernized take on the story, focusing on the mental horrors and social anxiety people face in today’s day and age. Worth watching for Joe Adler’s standout performance.

Special Features

  • High Definition (1080p) Blu-ray presentation
  • Optional English subtitles for the deaf and hard of hearing
  • Brand new audio commentary by director Patrick Picard and editor David Scorca
  • Four experimental short films by director Patrick Picard: bad dream, the muffled hammerfall in action, the mosaic code and wiggleworm
  • On the Trail of The Bloodhound: Behind the Scenes of a Modern Chiller, exclusive 45-minute making-of featurette
2.5 / 5.0