American Dad! Promotional Giveaway Contest

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American Dad! TBS promotional

This contest has ended. The randomly selected winning entry is Audrey C. of Richlands, NC.

American Dad! is moving to TBS!

To celebrate this momentous occasion, Critical Blast is happy to present this one of a kind (okay, technically it's one of 1400, with this one specifically being number 342) matted print, featuring all your favorite American Dad! characters spoofing a classic "Indiana Jones" scene.

This print is mounted on some sort of foam board to make it good and stiff, and the back has a hanger so you can put it on your wall, and a fold-out prop-up thingy in case you want to set it on your desktop.

Whatever it is, it's pretty darn cool, and if you're an American Dad! fan, you already know you want it. So enter your information in the form below and pray to Uncle Sam that you get picked as the random lucky winner!

And now for the official stuff: Visit our rules page for the eligibility information. Critical Blast will not sell, rent, loan out, copy, or otherwise make your information available to anyone (other than the NSA, but those guys already know it, so what's the point, right?) and we will delete all of this information from our systems upon confirmation of delivery of the prize to the selected winner. This contest will continue to take entries through October 23rd.