Top 10 Romantic Comedies

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Top Ten Romantic Comedies

Legend has it that whomever you kiss on New Year's Eve is who you'll be with the rest of the year.

Set the stage for romance with that perfect someone with some of these all-time best romantic comedies.


1. Four Weddings and a Funeral

The casting was amazing for this film. It is fun, unsuspecting and was a great introduction to Hugh Grant’s comedic brilliance, as well as many funny co-stars with a A+ script.


2. A Life Less Ordinary

Ewan McGregor and Cameron Diaz are huge talents that are under-rated. This movie is unpredictable, unusual, and funny.


3.  My Best Friend’s Wedding

Hilarious and light. I loved the storyline, casting, and especially the comedic talent of Cameron Diaz. A lot of situational comedy that is second to none.


4.  As Good as it Gets

Brilliant. It was a breakout film for Greg Kinnear. It doesn’t get much better then Jack Nicholson and Helen Hunt who are both monster talents.  The storyline is simple and many people can relate to it. So funny in a cynical and heart-wrenching way.


5. There’s Something About Mary

The Farrelly Brothers are geniuses as film makers and casting. This is my favorite Cameron Diaz movie because it’s over-the-top, crazy-fun, but not nasty jokes for the sake of shock value. All the “tasteless” jokes land in the right place, making you laugh our loud at least every ten minutes throughout the duration of the movie.


6. When Harry Met Sally

I couldn’t stop talking about this movie after seeing it. I immediately fell in love with Meg Ryan and Tom Hanks. It really hits on if men and women can be just friends.


7.  Roxanne

I loved this movie. It was one of Steve Martin’s best films. It was funny, heart-breaking, and smart.  It walked the line of what makes us tick as human beings. It touched on all of our insecurities of measuring up.


8.  Lars and the Real Girl

Brilliant. Touching. Real. This film touched on how scared we can be to open up and be real in an intimate relationship and the lengths our subconscious mind will take us to avoid it at all costs.  It also touches on how others walk around the issue.


9. The Princess Bride

Amazing adaptation of the book. It is surprisingly appropriate for all ages. It hits a chord taking us back to the basics of what “true love’ is. I loved this film mostly because of it’s fairytale storytelling.


10. Amelie

I loved this film. It is in my top ten films of all times list.  The actress Audrey Tautou is phenomenal.  She won me over within ten minutes of the film.  She has such a pure quality and a beautiful open face.  She is so fun to watch in this creative masterpiece.



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