Shania Twain Dazzles in this Vegas Spectacular

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Shania Twain Still The One Live From Vegas DVD

Sit back and let me tell you the legend of a singer. She came from a faraway land called Canada, and she had a voice that could tame wild animals. She was catapulted to fame, and was one of the touchpoints for when country music transitioned into from traditional to pop. And then, one day, at the height of her fame... she was gone.

Her name was Shania Twain, and she was unforgettable.

In 2012, Shania returned for a live performance at The Colosseum at Caesar's Palace in Las Vegas, Nevada. That show, "Still The One," incorporated backup singers, dancers, a full orchestra, and interactivity with a giant video screen, delivering an eye-popping performance of music and memories, Vegas-style.

Opening with "I'm Gonna Getcha Good!" we are reintroduced to Shania sporting a sequined cat suit and riding in on a tricked-out chopper (the illusion of motion provided by the strobing backdrop as she's lowered to the stage). The singer goes through the best of her catalog of hits, including such chart toppers as "You Win My Love," "Any Man of Mine," "Honey I'm Home," "Come On Over," "You're Still the One" and "Man I Feel Like a Woman!" Along the way, there are video interludes allowing time for costume changes, and these videos magically bleed over into the live stage performance again, a stage trick dating all the way back to Winsor McCay's classic "Gertie the Dinosaur" animation (where the stage narrator eventually walked into his own cartoon). "Still The One" does this masterfully, and the audience is visibly wowed by the spectacle.

I'll admit I thought for a time that Twain might -- might, mind you -- have been lip-synching to her hits. After all, in an hour and a half, that's a lot of singing for one throat to accomplish. However, all doubts were dispelled when she burst into "Any Man of Mine" and took the song into the audience to interact with the crowd, sharing the microphone with her fans. This is an impressive display of showmanship and musical talent, an extravaganza that any Shania fan will want to see.

This release also includes the bonus footage, "Backstage Pass," a one-hour plus documentary following Twain from presenting the very concept of the stage show and then through its development and her molding of each process. What we learn here is that, for all her approachability and candor, Shania demonstrates a business acumen in addition to her stage presence, and it's one of the few compelling making-of features I've seen.

The Vegas show was just the beginning for Shania's return to the music scene. The singer has also announced a 2015 "Rock This Country" tour schedule, starting in June in Seattle and continuing through August in Fresno. making 48 stops in all.

4.5 / 5.0