Arrow's Stephen Amell to play Casey Jones in next TMNT movie

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From Variety:

Stephen Amell has been tapped to play Casey Jones in “Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 2″ for Paramount and Platinum Dunes.

Megan Fox is set to return as April O’Neil. Will Arnett is also returning. David Green is directing the pic. Plot details and information on other returning cast members are still unknown.

A loner who becomes an ally of the turtles and a love interest for O’Neil, Jones is a fan favorite of the series going back to when Elias Koteas played him in the 1990 New Line pic.

Michael Bay is producing along with his Platinum Dunes partners Brad Fuller and Andrew Form. Josh Appelbaum and André Nemec are penning the script.

Amell tested with a half-dozen actors over the weekend, but it was his chemistry with Fox that led to the studio eventually giving the role to the star of CW’s “Arrow.” Paramount had no comment on the casting.

The “Turtles” franchise is one of Paramount’s top properties following its success last summer, when it earned $191 million domestically — so much so that Paramount dated the sequel for 2016 before even locking down a director or cast.

Source: Variety

Commentary: I will admit, when I first saw this story early this morning, I thought it was a April Fool's Joke, but it looks like it was true. This is a really good casting choice.  Stephen Amell is a great athlete and very convincing as a fighter in Arrow.  My only realy concern here is that it means Casey Jones will likely not wear his mask much again.  I loved that in the original cartoon you never saw Casey's face, but in the old movies, he barely wore the mask, and I doubt Amell will much either.  But I consider that a fair trade off to have Amell in the role.

I actually haven't seen the TMNT movie yet.  No real reason, I love TMNT as a kid, but I think I basically have grown out of it at this point.  I haven't watched the new cartoon much either, though my kids enjoy it.