Disney Infinity 3.0 News and Commentary (STAR WARS!)

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Disney has finally started to release some information on their forthcoming Disney Infinity 3.0.   What we know so far is that the game will be very Star Wars heavy.  The new starter pack will come with Anakin Skywalker and Ahsoka Tano.   I am actually surprised they didn't got a little heavier on Rebels or The Force Awakens...but the variety of figures here is pretty cool. 

We also got a pretty cool trailer, which features a lot of vehicle action and lightsaber duels, which makes sense for Star Wars.  Hopefully they will have decent controls for the flying:

On the Marvel side, the only new character they have shown is Hulkbuster Ironman.

For the more Disney centric fans, we seem to have additions from Tron and Inside Out. And Olaf from Frozen.  Mulan had already been announced a while back by Ming-Na-Wen.  And it's amazing that it took THREE series to finally get a basic Mickey and Minnie (Infinity 1 had a Sorceror Mickey).  Still no sign of Goofy or Pluto though.

Just some final thoughts, my kids are huge fans of the Infinity franchise.  Personally, I think the stuff is a little overpriced and would love to see more crossovers among the actual "games."  The Toyboy modes are cool, but they are a ton of work, and my kids and I get bored long before we have created anything of any real long term interest.  But, my kids love Marvel, Disney, and Star Wars, so it's very likely we'll be customers for this.