Shades of Grey: From the Outside Looking In

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These are some things I've noticed in my past few months as strictly a fan and not a guy doing any sort of coverage of the comics industry. (I am not using sarcasm tags, so hopefully the sarcastic ones stand out and I don't have to shake my head that the point went over someone's head):





  • Everyone hates everything that they aren't reading, but they will NEVER admit to that! They totally read it and hated it and now they scream about how awful this book is that obviously are only reading message board comments about, while claiming first hand knowledge. Because I'm the only poor bastard that will keep reading a book he hates just for the sake of complaining (well, complaining and OCD).
  • Comics are for kids, and HOW DARE YOU USE ADULT THEMES!
  • When it comes to movies, DC can absolutely do nothing right and doesn't deserve a chance, while Marvel deserves your full respect for everything and everything is perfect.
  • Anything sexualized at all is evil and wrong and you should feel ashamed for daring to have cheesecake in a book that someone who might not like cheesecake might have chosen to read. You must always take into account that something you do will definitely offend someone, so you better just not do it.
  • Batman is amazing, but Cyclops is better.
  • Lois Lane can only be the loving girlfriend of Superman who would never break the biggest story of her entire career because it might make him upset, even if they aren't romantically involved in any way. THEY'RE SUPPOSED TO BE!!!
  • Iron Man, Captain America, Thor, Hawkeye, Hulk, and Black Widow can kill without repercussion, but have Superman break one guys neck to save the planet and it's the worst movie ever. Even if the most iconic comic with Zod in it features Superman killing him.
  • The New 52 is a pandering joke, but Marvel apparently doesn't pander at all. Ever. For any reason.
  • Marvel loves women more than DC, despite that DC has decades of actually proving their dedication to the strong female lead. Spider-Gwen and Ms. Marvel make everyone forget that just a few years ago Marvel had zero female solo books in their publishing line, after canceling all of them in the same month for low sales (after putting zero promotion behind any of them).
  • Frank Cho is the devil because he dared to draw Spider-Gwen in the Manara pose.
  • If DC raises the price of anything by a dollar, hell is unleashed, but Marvel slips five dollar books out every few weeks without a complaint.
  • Spider-Man is the best it's been since the Clone Saga (alright, this one is just me, but it deserves to be said!)
  • I don't know which is worse anymore: boobs or fridging?
  • The Killing Joke is never to be referenced ever again because it's a story where Babs was a victim and not the hero.
  • You can tell how long someone has been reading Marvel by their stance on Daredevil. If they love it, they've been reading longer than Waid's run. If they don't, then they've obviously never read DD by Miller, Bendis, or Bru (and if they had and didn't like it, then what did they expect? DD is the darkest core character Marvel has).
  • The Inhumans deserve a chance, even though they're calling themselves NuHumans which is the stupidest fucking name ever.
  • All it takes is one off color comment by a creator or actor to become the "enemy", which leads to (apparently deserved) twitter backlash filled with death threats, and blogs demanding apologies that they feel they deserve in exchange for backing down from their attacks (which they don't do).
  • And finally, for as much shit as Marysue likes to give for any off color comment made by a male creator, they have zero shame tweeting about how much they love private screenings of Magic Mike. There is no hypocrisy.


Goddamnit, I might need to stop being lazy and start laying out truth bombs again. It's getting to be a bit too crazy without me.