The Longbox Short-List - Week of May 20, 2015

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Welcome back to Critical Blast’s weekly look at what new comics you should check out each week.   Just a warning, I make these picks pretty much a week BEFORE I actually get to read any of these comics, so if something is a stinker, I take no blame on that.  Let's get to it!

Comics Shipping This Week

Convergence Week 7 - Only two weeks left of Convergence. Honestly, week 3 was probably my least favorite of the first issues, but there are still some I am really looking forward to. Batman and the Outsiders, Justice League America, New Teen Titans, Wonder Woman.

Secret Wars - Secret Wars is finally starting to pick up some steam. There are a lot of tie-ins coming in this week. My picks for the best ones are A-Force, Spider-Verse, Ultimate End, and Master of Kung Fu.

Vampirella #12- Dynamite's Vampirella series has been terrific. Nancy Collins seems to have a great skill at telling these stories, and I can't possibly recommend it more. Actually, it's a great week to be a Vampirella fan. We also have Sword of Sorrow: Vampirella/Jennifer Blood and Legederry Vampirella (set in Dynamite's steampunk world). I'll be picking up all three!

Donald Duck #1 - I will admit, I have my issues with IDW's Disney line so far. The first two Scrooge issues were not available digitally and they were basically just reprints of translated stories that already appeared overseas. BUT, they have still been entertaining, and I hope there will be room for growth, including some new stories. And start doing them digitally. That is just ridiculous in this day and age.

Bloodshot Reborn #2 - Loved the relaunch of Bloodshot. So much good stuff in that first issue, and I can't wait to see where this series goes. Hopefully, Bloodshot will get his powers back soon, but even if he doesn't, I am hooked for the long haul on this one.

Daredevil 15.1 - This issue seems like Waid is giving us a recap of Daredevil's 50 year history. Waid's work on Daredevil has been brilliant, and as much as I don't usually like .1 issues, I am definitely looking forward to this one.

Mega Man #49 - A quick stand alone story before the World Unite crossover with Sonic gets going. Mega Man is a very underrated series, and if you were ever a fan of the video game, you really need to check it out.

Tithe #2 - The first issue of this series really grabbed me. I can't stress enough, Image is putting out a lot of really unique books, and if you are the type who complains about Marvel and DC, you really need to support books like Tithe. It is the only way the comic industry will ever evolve.