Let ENTOURAGE Go To Your Head

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Entourage Otto Snap Cap giveaway sweepstakes Critical Blast

This contest is over. The winners are: SYLVIA B. of BOYNTON BEACH, FL  and NICOLETTE S. of SARASOTA, FL.

For fans of HBO's ENTOURAGE, today is a good day -- because ENTOURAGE: THE MOVIE just opened in theaters! (And one of our staff gave her opinion of the film here.)

To celebrate this momentous release, we are giving away not one, but TWO (count them, 1, 2) ENTOURAGE embroidered Otto Snap caps, just like the one pictured here. Maybe one of them will be yours?

To enter, simply fill out the form below and click the Submit button. CriticalBlast does not sell, rent, give away or otherwise make available your information, and all entries are deleted upon confirmation of delivery of the prize to the selected winners through USPS Priority Mail tracking.

For official rules (because you know we have to have them) you can click here. This contest will run through June 14, 2015.

ENTOURAGE opens nationally June 3, 2015.