E3: MASS EFFECT: ANDROMEDA gets first trailer

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For the most part, I haven't had a lot of interest in upgrading my video game systems to the current generation.  The only games I really play at the moment are Lego and Disney Infinity with my kids, and various games on my 3DS.  So I haven't been paying a lot of attention to E3 this year...but then I saw BioWare finally announced a trailer for the next MASS EFFECT game. I have nothing but love for the MASS EFFECT series, and this game might actually be enough to get me to buy an X-Box One...


Starting with "Ghost Riders In the Sky" was a really odd choice, and it definitely suggested to me that this game will have a bit of a different tone that the original MASS EFFECT trilogy, but I actually think that could be a good thing. MASS EFFECT features a huge universe, and there is a lot of room for different stories to be told there. The graphics on this trailer were awesome, and the action towards the end really got me amped up. Hopefully this game will come out in the next year or two!