Pulp Heroes One of Many Discussions at Archon 39

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Half the fun of going to Archon is visiting with old and new friends, and sitting in on interesting panel discussions.

The other half of the fun is rushing around breathlessly to those panel discussions, lugging with you about a hundred pounds of books and visual aids, which you rush to get put up before the first guests arrive.

One such panel was "PULP HEROES: Remo Williams, The Phantom and Beyond." The panel was moderated by Van Allen Plexico, whom we've talked with before here at Critical Blast. Friends-just-met were Adrian J. Matthews and Guy Anthony De Marco. (And, yeah, there at the end of the table by the Destroyer Books poster is this guy.)

Enjoy this slice of Archon as a virtual attendee while we discuss the topic and wander broadly around it.

Archon39 Pulp Heroes from Critical Blast on Vimeo.


photo credit: Jill Hartley Lybarger