Check out the Ghostbusters trailer

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Sony has released the first full trailer for the upcoming Ghostbusters relaunch.  As expected, this has been pretty controversial.  When I posted this, on Youtube there were pretty much exactly as many likes as there were dislikes.

Commentary: Up front, I am not against the idea of an all female Ghostbusters cast.  BUT, Ghostbusters was such an important part of my childhood, it is difficult for me to get behind any reboot of the franchise.  I don't think they should be dragging the original cast out of the retirement home either.  In a lot of ways, I would just rather the original movies stand as they are with some new comics, video games, etc.

That said, I didn't completely hate the trailer. The beginning with the slow piano version of the original theme song set a real strong tone.  The effects looked pretty good throughout.  I loved the idea of ghosts being able to take over people's body.  This is a classic ghost trait that they never dealt with in the original movies.  I was kind of hoping for some laugh out loud moments in the trailer, but I just didn't find them.  

I really hope Leslie Jones' character is toned down some in the movie itself.  She was really annoying in the trailer.  The original Ghostbusters worked so well because it was a little more subtle in tone.  None of the characters were loud and obnoxious.  Too often these days, comedies seem to confuse loud for funny. But, it's really hard to judge a movie completely just based on 2 minutes.