ACBC Coverage: Get your Cosplay on at the First Annual Costume Party Saturday night May 14th

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On Saturday, May 14 from 9 PM - Midnight, Critical Blast and Iron Room will present the First Annual Post-Con Costume Party in Atlantic City!  So, enjoy the day at ACBC then head over to the Iron Room!  

First off, let's talk money.  And we're talking a lot of money.  There are $1,100 in total cash prizes!  The event kicks off at 9 but judging begins at 10pm in a wide variety of categories.  

Want a breakdown, well check this out:

$300 for Best Overall Cosplay Outfit

$200 for Sexiest Cosplay Outfit

$200 for Best Sci-Fi/Horror/Fantasy Cosplay Outfit

$200 for Best Comic Book Based

$200 for Best Video Game Based

Judging the event will be local luminaries realtor Glen Kelly, radio host Marc Berman, the Iron Room's own Mark Callazzo, SNJ Today entertainment correspondent Jax Loder, and straight from Hell’s Kitchen, Chef Manda Palomino. 

Not only will you be in good hands with the judges, but your stomach will be looked after as well.  The Iron Room is a highly regarded staple of Atlantic City, so it's not just about the costumes.  This is going to be a party with exquisite food thanks to Chef Kevin Cronin.  Tapas are small savory dishes for which the Iron Room specializes.  I plan to try many!  How's Udon Mac and Cheese sound?  Lamb Meatballs?  Tuna Crudo?  Duroc Sausage & Duck Frittata?  There's even Steak Tartare, Filet Mignon, and so much more.  I don't know about you, but my mouth is watering already.  You can compliment your meal with “the finest selection of whiskey, wine, microbrews and beers.”  Each bottle is “hand selected” Mr. Callazzo and Susan Hesleitner who is the founder of the New Jersey Wine School.  All of your dining needs will be met!

Beyond everything you’ve heard so far, WrestlePro will be sending two of their costumed stars to take part in the festivities.  If you’ve never been to a WrestlePro show then you’re missing out on some of the finest wrestling offered in the world.  You’ll have a chance to meet and mingle with the terrifying Giant Leather and Gambles the Clown.  Whether you’re a wrestling fan or not these men are a sight to behold!  

The event is being organized by my good friend Chad Minnes who is the co-owner of local business Lacey Cleaning.  He's promised quite a few surprises beyond what I've told you about.  Whether you are a regular cosplayer or not, there's some substantial awards to be won, great food to be eaten, and top that off with the finest spirits.  Everyone should get dressed up for what promises to be one of the coolest parties a city known for its partying has ever had!

The Iron Room is located at 648 N. Albany Ave in Atlantic City, NJ.  For more information, please check out the event page on Facebook.