Disney Gets Athletic with Mickey's Sport-Y-Thon

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Mickey Mouse Clubhouse Sport-Y-Thon DVD Critical Blast Disney

The weather is warm, the sun is shining, and it's time to get outside and get active. Everyone's getting into the athletics -- even Mickey Mouse and the Clubhouse gang as they assemble or the first ever Sport-Y-Thon! There are all kinds of games to play -- even Martian Mickey, Martian Minnie and Pluto from Pluto have showed up to participate. And there lies the mechanism for the episode's lesson: Mars doesn't have sports, so the visitors have no idea about what it means to show good sportsmanship and put in extra effort. Not that they're mean whiny cheaters, they just don't know better. So Martian Minnie has to learn that using a jetpack in a basketball game isn't fair, Pluto from Pluto has to learn he has to let other players participate in Volley-Bop, and Martian Mickey has to learn not to give up in a relay race just because it's hard work. In the end, everyone wins -- including color commentary provider, Donald Duck. This is an episode of the MICKEY MOUSE CLUBHOUSE that has not been shown on television.

Speaking of the Duck, he becomes the focus of another episode on this collection when he finds the Clubhouse is just too crowded for him. So he decides he wants his own clubhouse -- and the design of it is somewhat familiar. Mickey and his pals are glad to chip in and help out, but when the instructions are all laid out, Donald picks and chooses what projects excite him the most, bypassing the important order of events (like buildng the roof last, not first. It'll take some learning, and the clever application of some Mouseketools when Donald starts to literally paint himself into a corner. And when all is said and done, Donald learns the final ingredient for any successful clubhouse is having friends in it.

The sporting fun continues in "Mickey's Mousekeball" when Professor Von Drake introduces a floating bouncy house and a snitch -- er -- a floating ball that the players have to try to catch and hold onto until the count of three. The fun and adventure truly begin when the ball escapes the confines of the tent and it's up to Team Mickey -- and some helpful Mouseketools -- to retrieve it.

Other episodes on this release include "Mickey's Mousekedoer Adventure," "Mickey's Mystery!" and "Mickey's Happy Mousekeday." Young Disney fans will delight in this latest release of the Disney Junior series. This release also comes packaged with a Mickey Mouse gold medal on a ribbon that your winner can wear to feel like a champion.

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