LEGO Nexo Knights Season One Comes Together on DVD

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LEGO Nexo Knights Season One on DVD

LEGO NEXO KNIGHTS introduces LEGO fans to a world that's a combination of high-tech and medieval poverty. The Kingdom of Knighton has computers, television broadcasts, and lasers, but the people who live in the surrounding villages -- all named after their respective features -- all seem to dress like your typical middle ages serf pushing carts of vegetables. But that's beside the point.

The story focuses on a team of graduate knights: Clay, who lives and breathes knight's honor and rules; Lance, who lives to be a self-centered celebrity; Aaron, a skater dude who shows no fear; Axl, the hulk of the group who's forever hungry; and Macy, the King's daughter who fights against her father for the right to be a knight.

When we first meet our troupe, it's their graduation battlebration, as they show off their skills to the assembled public. Merlok the Wizard puts in an appearance to show off fireworks. And then there's Jestro -- a jester who's so bad at his job that you have to wonder how he got it in the first place. After bombing his performance, his last act brings down all the power in the kingdom. This disables all the electronic locks, including those to Merlok's quarters, which allows the living Book of Monsters to call to Jestro. The book convinces Jestro to take all the books he can carry and run off to become a villain. Merlok interferes, and using a last-ditch spell blows out the top of his tower, sending Jestro and the Book of Monsters -- as well as all the other books -- flying in all directions across the kingdom. It also seemingly destroys Merlok, but he's okay -- it just transferred his consciousness into the computer system so that he's now Merlok 2.0.

Under the book's influence, Jestro becomes more and more evil as the series progresses, as the two hunt down all the books they can find -- like the Book of Evil, the Book of Destruction, the Book of Deception -- to feed to the Book of Monsters so that he can produce more and more brutal monsters. Each episode finds the knights going up against Jestro's hordes to defeat him and learning about themselves in the process. There's always a moral lesson to be learned, but it's never shoehorned into the plot; so your kids are enjoying a LEGO adventure, with the typical LEGO comedy, and also getting a life lesson in the process.

Previews on this 2-disc DVD release include THE LEGO BATMAN MOVIE.

Episodes on this set include:

The Book of Monsters, Part One
The Book of Monsters, Part Two
The Power of Merlok
The Knights' Code
Fright Night
The Golden Castle
The Maze of Amazement
The Black Knight
The Book of Total Badness
The Might and the Magic
4.0 / 5.0