All the Wrong Messages in Pig the Pug

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Pig the Pug by Aaron Blabey

At first blush, PIG THE PUG is a cute story set to rhyme about a greedy pug dog who refuses to share with his fellow housemate, a happy little dachshund named Trevor. So he piles all his toys up and sits on them like he's king of the castle.

At second blush, there's a little too much schadenfreude at Pig's ultimate fate after he falls from his perch -- and out a window that's higher than the first floor, resulting in Trevor getting to play with all the toys while Pig recuperates in a body cast.

Aaron Blabey writes and illustrates this children's book which features cartoonish and humorous illustrations as well as a catchy rhythm. It's one of those that is truly a five-minute read (less, actually), and undoubtedly well-meaning in its intent as it ends up communicating the message "Share your toys or get hurt." Also, it might open a dialogue with parents and children of dog families that dogs can get hurt if they fall too far.

3.5 / 5.0