Catching Up: The Flash Episode 305, "Monster"

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The Flash Ep 305 - Monster

The title of this episode is "Monster," but where it may directly apply is something that is up in the air throughout most of the show. Certainly it could be most aptly refer to the 3-story kaiju that's mysteriously appearing and disappearing in the streets of Central City. But as the episode progresses, there are a few more opportunities where the title could merit application -- or narrowly miss it.

First potential monster: H.R. Wells (TOM CAVANAGH)

H.R. made his debut in the last episode when the team went fishing for another Harrison Wells to help them, since it was obvious they couldn't keep the Earth 2 one around. The one they got has been a bit wonky since we met him, and the hints in the advertisements showing him making recordings that indicate he's here from Earth-19 for a reason that the others do not suspect. Sinister? After having been betrayed by two prior Harrison Wells, you can certainly understand why Cisco (CARLOS VALDES) has his suspicions raised. Rather than drag this on all season, however, we learn by the end of this episode what is truly up with H.R. Wells and what he's all about. Cavanagh's doing an excellent job portraying another Wells with a distinctly different personality.

Second potential monster: Dr. Carla Tannhauser (SUSAN WALTERS)

This new character, portrayed by THE VAMPIRE DIARIES actress, has a strong connection to a member of Team Flash. She's the mother of Caitlin Snow (DANIELLE PANABAKER), and their relationship has been distant and strained at best. Dr. Tannhauser is a specialist in cryomedicine, which is convenient because Caitlin is exhibiting metahuman talents -- specifically the generation of extreme cold (or the extreme absorption of heat, for all the physics nerds reading this). Mother sees this as a unique opportunity for study and experimentation, but Caitlin's already done all the tests that are needed. What she wants is moral support and understanding, someone to talk to about it. Will there be a touching reunion between mother and daughter?

Third potential monster: Caitlin Snow

Say it ain't so! Caitlin? Loveable, demure Caitlin Snow? It seems the cold powers have been building up in her, and so has her temper. When one of her mother's assistants sees her as an opportunity to escape her mother's shadow, he locks Caitlin in the laboratory. Bad move, because he stayed in there with her, and she is way more than a match for him. Only outside intervention saves Caitlin from becoming a "killer" -- for now.

Fourth potential monster: Julian Albert (TOM FELTON)

Ever since the Flashpoint timeline was deconstructed, Barry (GRANT GUSTIN) has found himself saddled with a partner in CSI he's never met, but is told he's worked with for a year. Julian has despised Barry since we met him this season, and when we find him waiting for Barry with Captain Singh (PATRICK SABONGUI), tattling about Barry's breaks with protocol and procedure, Barry really starts to resent him back. As we get deeper into the episode, we find that Julian truly seems to hate all metahumans -- including The Flash, because his presence has made the Central City Police Department complacent and lethargic when dealing with other metahumans. When Barry asks what fuels this, Julian's retort is a clever reference to the Batman origin. But as the story unfolds, and after Julian nearly makes a tragically fatal mistake (from which he is saved by The Flash), we learn the real history of Julian Albert, and why he feels the way he does.

Fifth potential monster: The Flash Writing Team

Okay, not really. But they have produced one monstrously good character building episode, rather than the "metahuman threat of the week" episode, and they're delivering some monstrously good ratings. We're definitely worried about the intense track Caitlin's story is taking her on, and we're more than curious about H.R. Wells and what he can contribute to the team after all this.

4.5 / 5.0