DK Preps Moviegoers in Advance with Mysterious Worlds of Doctor Strange

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Mysterious Worlds of Doctor Strange

Just in time for the release of Marvel's latest superhero epic, DOCTOR STRANGE, comes this DK tome dedicated to THE MYSTERIOUS WORLDS OF DOCTOR STRANGE.

As with nearly every DK book I've ever read, this collection by Billy Wrecks and Danny Graydon (with a foreword by comics writing icon, Roger Stern) succeeds in being exhaustive yet condensed, providing the reader with access to just about everything that has touched Doctor Stephen Strange's life since he became the Master of the Mystic Arts. Hardcover with gilt-edged pages (a nice touch!), this oversized book takes readers on an encyclopedic tour of Strange's origins, his allies, his associates, his enemies, and the notable turning points in his life.

Each page is filled with artwork culled from the different decades of the publication of DOCTOR STRANGE. The clashing, divergent styles put together on the same page add to the notion that the world can be seen in differing ways through Strange's eyes, almost as if each era was a window into a different dimension.

So strap on the Eye of Agamotto, mark your pages with the Crimson Band of Cyttorak, and prepare to do a deep dive into the mystical side of the Marvel Universe. Then, forearmed with such knowledge, prepare for the spectacle the movie will deliver.

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