Nocking Point: Arrow, Episode 508, "Invasion!"

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Arrow 508 Invasion!

The INVASION of the CW Supershows continues with this week's installment of ARROW.

When we left all of our heroes at the end of THE FLASH, Green Arrow (STEPHEN AMELL), White Canary (CAITY LOTZ), Spartan (DAVID RAMSEY), Speedy (WILLA HOLLAND) and The Atom (BRANDON ROUTH) were all teleported away from the fight, leaving Flash (GRANT GUSTIN) behind.

From that point we are immediately taken to the Queen Estate, where we see Oliver and Thea meeting with none other than their parents, Moira (SUSANNA THOMPSON) and Robert (JAMEY SHERIDAN). And if you are thinking to yourself, "Wait, they're both dead," you're right. That's because Oliver and his teammates are trapped in...

In the real world, we see the rest of Team Arrow that we did not see in the previous chapter. (Well, almost all of them: Artemis is still absent.) Mr. Terrific (ECHO KELLUM) is giddy that ET's are real, but simultaneously bummed that they're mean and evil. Felicity (EMILY BETT RICKARDS) introduces the team to Cisco Ramon (CARLOS VALDES) and he tells Ragman (JOE DINICOL) that he makes two Rory's he knows now (not counting Rip Hunter for all the Doctor Who fans out there), but that the other one is a douche. He's there to help find "Oliver and Company" (you're welcome, Arrow Writers!) using his metahuman Vibe abilities, which doesn't thrill Wild Dog (RICK GONZALEZ), who demonstrates his distrust of metahumans. Using one of Oliver's bows as a contact device, Cisco vibes and sees the interior of the ship where their friends are being held in pods. He reports back that there is a lot of tech, which is something that Felicity and Curtis (aka Mr. Terrific) can work with, if they only had some of it to hack. Fortunately, Cisco has brought a piece of it from the crash in Central City, and I think Curtis just squeed like a 14 year old girl at a One Direction concert.

Back in the Matrix, Oliver and Thea are discussing Oliver's upcoming wedding to Laurel Lance (KATIE CASSIDY), and Oliver has his first indication that something is wrong. When Lauren's sister, Sara (CAITY LOTZ) arrives with her luggage, she hugs her sister and sees the canary amulet she wears. This jolts her and sets off a memory of the real world in her head that she dismisses. Meanwhile, Oliver and his father are taking a walk in Star City, where his father tries to talk him into taking over the CEO position at Queen Consolidated; if he doesn't take it, the board will accept Ray Palmer's buyout offer. Oliver looks up, and where the Palmer building should be, the Smoak tower stands. As he tries to put his thoughts together, a mugger approaches them both. Oliver steps up, but is interrupted when both the Queens are the Green Arrow!

As Mr. Terrific continues trying to hack the alien technology, we see a glimpse of the comic book version of Mr. Terrific (Terry Holt) in regards to his atheism when in discussion with Ragman, who is devoutly Jewish. Ragman then makes a movie quote, which Cisco dismisses: "Your tech guy quotes movies, huh? Real original." (If you watch THE FLASH, you get this.) When the team tries to connect equipment to the Dominator technology, however, it fritzes out as it's too powerful. The only regulator they can find that would dampen the power just happens to have been stolen by a Dr. Laura Washington, who's been borg-ifying her body to enhance her strength and give her electrical powers. That's too much for the current team, Felicity says, and she calls in reinforcements.

In the shared hallucination, Oliver meets up with Quentin Lance (PAUL BLACKTHORNE) at SCPD, to inquire about sightings of "The Hood." He has more flashbacks looking at the investigation board, and we cut over to the rehearsal dinner that Oliver has skipped. Here, Sara meets up with Ray Palmer, and they both have a deja vu moment, indicating that they're all part of a shared dream. Leaving that, we are soon back with Oliver, who is following a path instinctually that takes him to the elevator leading to the Arrowcave, where Felicity sets off an intruder alarm calling in The Hood -- who turns out to be John Diggle in this reality. By now Oliver is convinced that something is not right with the world.

Wild Dog, Mr. Terrific, and Ragman are joined by Flash ans Supergirl (MELISSA BENOIST) to go after Dr. Washington. Flash tries to bond, but Wild Dog's anti-metahuman feelings border on the Lex Luthor-ish. He thinks super powers are evil and wants nothing to do with them or the people who have them. And then he takes a full-on blast of electricity from Dr. Washington, outfitted like a Borg Queen.

Realizing that he has everything he's ever wanted, Oliver approaches Laurel as she prepares for the wedding that is just a few hours away. Both she and Sara are mad at Oliver for skipping the rehearsal dinner. "You're lucky I'm not a trained assassin or anything," Sara tells him. (She is one, of course). Oliver wants to marry Laurel right this second, eloping. He's concerned that if he waits, he's going to end up throwing everything away. But before they can proceed down that path, Diggle shows back up needing to talk to Oliver. He, too, has become convinced that the world they're in is not real, and the Smoak Technologies building seems to be the focal point of everything wrong with their environment. Felicity has told him she's never owned a building or a company. Plus John's been having visions like Oliver, and he's drawn something from one of them -- a Dominator alien! Everything is coming together for the two of them, and Oliver states that if they start pushing against whoever is inside their heads, they can expect pushback of their own. What kind of pushback? How about Deathstroke! Yes, the one-eyed mercenary shows up out of nowhere to fight the two of them! Suddenly Sara is on hand and stabs Deathstroke in the gut, with no idea afterward of how she knew how to fight that way, until Oliver forces her to remember the Dominators, which leads all of them to remembering that Ray and Thea were with them when they were taken.

Inside, Malcolm Merlyn (JOHN BARROWMAN) is talking with Thea. "Your father should be very proud of the woman you've grown into," he says. In the other corner of the room, Ray is introducing his fiancee, Felicity Smoak, only he realizes it doesn't feel right. Sara gets him to remember the real world and join them, but Oliver gets stopped from approaching Thea by the avatars of his parents. Once he moves past them, Sara has already spoken with Thea. Thea remembers everything -- but she doesn't want to go. This is the happiest she's ever been, and she doesn't want to lose her family. She says Flash and Supergirl can handle the responsibilities they used to handle now, since they have powers. So Oliver reluctantly lets her stay, and leaves the house with the others to move toward Smoak Technologies.

No sooner than they are outside than the hallucination fights back again -- this time with Deathstroke joined by Malcolm Merlyn, Damien Darhk (NEAL MCDONOUGH) and others. Everybody starts Kung-fu fighting. And Thea shows up, having had a change of heart and realizing that she'd be losing her living family if she stayed behind.

At the Smoak tower, it's clearly evident that there's a way out as one of the interior walls is a portal. Walking through it, the team awaken in their pods back in reality.

In the Arrowcave, the team are hacking the Dominator language, and Rory recognizes elements of Gematria, indicating that the Dominator language shares commonalities with ancient Hebrew. He asks Curtis if he's still having difficulties believing in a Divine presence over all things, as Felicity uses the information to hack the tech and latch onto a signal where Oliver and their friends are held. And the signal is coming from outer space.

Aboard the Dominator mothership, it's Star Wars all over again. The team turns a corner and runs into a mess of Dominators, whom they fight with a weapon Oliver grabs. They find a hangar of scout ships and pile into one, hoping that between the five of them they can figure out how to fly it, as it drops from beneath the mothership. It is quickly followed by a swarm of other scouts who converge on it as they fly erratically trying to avoid getting shot.

Before they can get blasted out of the sky, however, they are rescued by the sudden appearance of the Waverider, piloted by Nate Heywood (NICK ZANO), who got a message from Oliver's "nerd army" as to their location. Safe aboard the timeship, Ray realizes that the technology for the shared hallucination was to keep them all busy while their subconscious minds were probed for information. He believes they weren't chosen at random; that they were chosen because they weren't metahumans (which is why Flash was left behind). When Ray repeats what he overheard the Dominators saying when they came out of the pods, Gideon (AMY PEMBERTON) the ship's computer translates: "We are nearing completion of the weapon."

Whatever the weapon is, it's aboard the mothership -- which is on a direct course toward Earth!

The crossover concludes December 1 on LEGENDS OF TOMORROW.

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