Fear the Walking Dead: The Complete Second Season on DVD

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Fear the Walking Dead S2

I was given a copy of FEAR THE WALKING DEAD: The Complete Second Season to review. For those who aren’t familiar with the show, it’s a prequel to AMC’s THE WALKING DEAD and is supposed to give a view of the apocalypse in the beginning stages.

In season two, the cast moves from the hills of Los Angeles to the Pacific Ocean, traveling along the coast in a yacht named The Abigail. The group discovers the water holds as much danger as land, as they meet new friends and new dangers--and even more dangerous foes.

This 5 disc set is somewhat of a letdown. There are 4 discs which contain all the episodes, and 1 disc that is all the “special features.” I was disappointed with most of the special features on disc 5. There were deleted scenes, Flight 462 webisodes (which, in my opinion, made the 5 disc set worthwhile).  The webisodes were riveting; even though I had seen them before, I was staring intently, as though it was the first time I had watched them. It was great seeing all 16 webisodes one right after another. After the winner of the 5 disc set came the major disappointments. There was an hour long panel discussion where the main cast of FTWD was on a panel interview. There was an awkward tension between the interviewer and the cast. There was a live audience, which seemed to add to the awkwardness of the whole thing. Frank Dillane seemed like he was on drugs during the panel interview. He couldn’t sit still and kept looking all over the place. The only saving grace for the panel interview was when they took questions from the audience. SPOILER ALERT……A question was asked if FTWD and THE WALKING DEAD would ever connect with each other. Dave Erickson quickly answered with a resounding NO! Then he went on to say the timeline is so far apart it wouldn’t ever be possible for that to happen.

The next special feature was “Inside Fear the Walking Dead,” which was commentary by the cast during the filming of several episodes. These were fairly interesting because you get to hear thoughts from the cast on the characters they play and what is motivating them at the time. This was followed by “The Making of Fear the Walking Dead,” which is always an interesting feature in a full season set. I find it very interesting to see a behind the scenes look in what is involved in putting a scene together and making it look believable.

I’m not sure what this set will retail for in the stores, but I would wait until it’s been out for a while—or maybe the price point will be reasonable right before the holiday. AMC hopefully understands this is a show way below THE WALKING DEAD and therefore doesn’t command the same price if they want this 5 disc set to sell.

3.0 / 5.0