Thor: Ragnarok. Did They Really Just Do That?

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Ragnarok and Roll!

The Internet is buzzing today with the release of the trailer for perhaps the least anticipated film from the Marvel Cinematic Universe: THOR RAGNAROK.

So before we tell you about it. why don't you just watch it for yourself?

The first thing I have to ask is: Did Thor really just pull a record-scratch/freeze-frame meme to introduce his trailer? Seriously? Who knew Thor was that up on his 4chan? He may be a God of Thunder in Asgard, but he's a full-on /b/tard when he's slumming it in Midgard.

The next thing I want to know is what makes Hela so worthy to be able to pick up Mjolnir? Okay, technically she didn't "pick it up" so much as caught it in mid-flight, but still.

And finally -- "He's a friend from work?" What, The Avengers is just another day at the office for the Norse god?

It looks like there's plenty of action here, but better than that it feels like THOR: RAGNAROK is trying to inject a little more of the humor that makes the better MCU films so successful. Throw in a surprise appearance by the Guardians of the Galaxy (hey, it could happen!) and this one would be one to go see (says the guy who still hasn't seen THOR: THE DARK WORLD and has had nobody convince him otherwise that he should).