Catching Up: The Flash Episode 322, "Infantino Street"

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Infantino Street

See you're running round on Infantino Street

Whatcha doin' out there? Who ya tryin' to beat?

He knows what you're thinkin', cuz he your evil future self

Savitar's got plans to put Iris West on the shelf.

This is why the CW  doesn't come to me to provide the music for its shows. But it's really nice to see episode pays tribute to one of the all time most influential artists on THE FLASH comic books, Carmine Infantino. But in the CW series, Infantino Street is not a place of optimism -- it's a place of death. It's the place where Savitar is fated to murder Iris West and The Flash won't be able to save her.

And the countdown is at 24 hours.

There's a lot of somber thinking in this episode, and a little bit of time travel involved as well. By now I'm thinking that the CW writers are really regretting having let Leonard Snart (WENTWORTH MILLER) die on LEGENDS OF TOMORROW, with as many times as they've had to yank him out of the time stream. No wonder the poor guy has snapped just a little.

With the Speed Bazooka ready to rock and roll against Savitar, Team Flash needs a power source capable of giving it a charge. And the only thing they can find is the Dominator power source that is held deep in the A.R.G.U.S. facilities -- guarded by King Shark.  And if A.R.G.U.S. won't give it to Flash, then Flash is determined to break in and steal it, even if he has to go find an old copy of Captain Cold so that he has a professional thief at his side.

Meanwhile, during the heist, it's agreed that Iris should go into hiding where Flash won't know where she is -- because if Flash doesn't know, then Savitar won't know, them both being the same person and all. So it's off to Earth 2 where she should be safe.

Unless Savitar somehow finds out where she is.

Which, of course, he does. And that leads down the path to Infantino Street, to the exact moment we've been reliving all season long. We learn that Cisco isn't there because he's being drawn into a confrontation with Killer Frost -- a scene we have also seen before in his vibes.

So what happens? Does the Speed Bazooka work?

If Savitar has to kill Iris in order for Flash to imprison him in the Speed Force to create him in the first place, is there a future point where this could all be undone?

But most importantly -- is Iris saved in the end?

As much as we have been hoping that would be's time for the West family to buy a coffin.



4.5 / 5.0