MAJOR SPOILERS! Flash #22 features the return of...

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This was teased a while ago, but I was so glad to see the return of Jay Garrick in this week's Flash!   I've been a fan of the character since he served as Impulse's mentor for a while. Amd yes, I know this was spoiled on the cover, but I still totalled geeked out at this panel!

In the comic, Barry Allen doesn't recognize Jay Garrick, so he ends up vanishing back into the speed force, but we've been getting a lot of teases about JSA returning in recent months, so I am taking this as just a quick tease of things to come.

So to recap, in recent months, we've seen the return of Jay Garrick, Wally West, and even the Pre-Flashpoint Superman and Lois Lane.  What else does DC have in store for us as we head towards DOOMSDAY CLOCK?  Don't know, but I can't wait!!