Nocking Point: Arrow Episode 522, "Missing"

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Arrow Episode 522 Missing

With Adrian Chase, aka Prometheus, aka the Throwing Star Killer locked away at A.R.G.U.S., Team Arrow seems to finally be getting a well-deserved rest, which includes a surprise birthday party for Oliver (STEPHEN AMELL). The gang's all there, with the exception of Rene, who also missed his custody hearing, something Quentin plans to ream him for when he finds him.

But Rene's absence isn't one of neglect, the team soon learns. When Curtis goes to visit Dinah, he finds her place has been broken into, and as he investigates he gets taken out as well. The obvious conclusion: Someone is picking off Team Arrow one by one -- and if it's Prometheus, he's doing it from deep incarceration. However, when Black Siren puts in an appearance, Quentin Lance is shocked to see his daughter alive again. Again again, since he thought his other daughter, Sara, was also dead before she went off with the LEGENDS OF TOMORROW. Thea tries to explain to Quentin that this particular Laurel Lance is from a parallel universe, but that doesn't stop them both from being taken out and abducted.

And that's when Oliver starts to gain allies in his fight against Prometheus. Because nobody messes with Oliver's half-sister without incurring the wrath of her villainous daddy, Malcolm Merlyn (JOHN BARROWMAN). Oliver now knows that Chase is getting help not just from Black Siren but also from Talia al Ghul. Oliver is determined to see that Chase makes it onto the transport chopper that will take him further out of action, but Chase is confident that Oliver is going to free him instead. And as Oliver oversees the transfer, his phone rings just when Chase says it will -- and a video message plays showing Oliver's son, William, begging for help.

So Prometheus is free once more, and he has Talia, Black Siren, and Artemis on his side. Realizing that he and Malcolm Merlyn won't be enough to rescue all of the captive Team Arrow members (which is indeed all of them, Talia's ninjas having captured Diggle and Felicity), he calls in a favor -- from Nyssa al Ghul. Yeah, Malcolm Merlyn just loves that!

As the episode wraps, we find Chase and his captives back where everything began -- on Lian Yu, where his final act of vengeance against Oliver is set to play out. Meanwhile, Oliver is recruiting yet another ally in the battle to save his friends and family: Deathstroke!

Lots of action in this one, and the Prometheus character is made all the more formidable and calculating. This one is not going to end will for somebody, but it will week!

4.5 / 5.0