Sherlock co-creators sinking their teeth into Dracula

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From Radio Times:

The Sherlock team are reuniting on a new version of the classic horror story Dracula, can confirm.

Steven Moffat and Mark Gatiss are due to begin work on a series of BBC specials based on the classic 1897 novel by Bram Stoker in which the bloodthirsty count moves from Transylvania to England.


“It’s not yet been decided if it will be historical or modern day or if there will be a US co-producer but the BBC are keen on this and it will happen. What needs to be decided is how many episodes – whether there are three or five or six or whatever but they will definitely be 90-minute films.

"Production is at least a year away so it will probably be on screen in 2019 at the earliest.”


As for the next series of Sherlock, a production source said: “Sherlock will return when Sherlock returns.”

Source: Radio Times

Commentary: As a huge fan of Moffat and Gatiss's SHERLOCK, this is awesome news.  I imagine some people might be concerned that this could mean a delay to more SHERLOCK, but the problem with SHERLOCK has always been Benedict Cumberbatch and Martin Freeman have pretty full dance cards, so I don't think this will have any real impact.

While I hate for people to get stuck in ruts, I think it could be really cool to see this done as a modernized version of DRACULA, with Moffat and Gatiss taking the familiar elements and completely reworking them for a modern audience.  It worked so well for SHERLOCK.  And Moffat and Gatiss have done some pretty scary episodes of DOCTOR WHO over the years, so DRACULA just seems like a perfect fit.   It looks like we have a while until this debuts, but I definitely want to hear more.