Star Wars: Forces of Destiny Episode 2 - BB-8 Bandits

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Star Wars Forces of Destiny episode 2 once again features Rey and BB-8.  I am pretty sure this episode originally aired in the Star Wars Celebration in Orlando.  As far as I know, the episodes will cover a wide variety of Star Wars characters (primarily the women of Star Wars).  But Rey and BB-8's time on Jakku seems to have been full of little adventures we missed on.  These almost feel like deleted scenes from THE FORCE AWAKENS...which is not a bad thing at all.  This time they find themselves being pursued by the scavangers who tried to steal BB-8 in the first place.  I did like how the solution built up from the last episode.  I did like the first one a touch better, but I still enjoyed this episode.


4.0 / 5.0