Star Wars: Forces of Destiny Episode 5 - Beasts of Echo Base

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This episode is set just before THE EMPIRE STRIKES BACK and features Leisa, R2-D2, and Chewbacca.  Chewie has gone missing in the not-quite-constructed Hoth Base.  Leia and R2 go looking for him in a nearby cave system, and find an angry Wampa.  Leia orders the others to go seal the cave off to keep the Wampa from getting in to the base.  Leia manages to dodge the Wampa (showing she is far better at this hero thing then her brother), and they seal him up.  Honestly, this was my least favorite episode so far.  It sort of made Chewie look a little lame, and I always thought Chewie gets a bad wrap anyway. 


3.5 / 5.0