First look at "new" Misty Knight from Luke Cage Season 2

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Entertainment Weekly posted a first look at the "new" Misty Knight.  At the end of Defenders, Misty gets her arm chopped off by Iron Fist's enemy Bakuto.

Marvel, as usual, is keeping details of how and when Misty gets her bionic arm under wraps, but in the comics, Misty’s bionic arm was designed by Tony Stark and Stark Industries after she lost the limb in a bombing. The arm grants her superhuman strength and a slew of other abilities involving energy blasts and gravity fields and even a nifty ability to control robots.

Of course, that’s all comic-book Misty. Marvel-Netflix Misty’s abilities remain to be seen, but one thing’s for sure: She’s going to be a whole lot harder to take down now that her weapon never leaves her side.

Source: Entertainment Weekly

Commentary: One this they have done very well in the Marvel Netflix shows has been the supporting characters.  Foggy and Karen, Colleen Wing, Claire Temple, Patsy Walker, and on and on.  One of the real stand out performances has been Simone Missick as Misty Knight.  When she first shows up in LUKE CAGE, it sort of feels like she is just going to be a love interest, but her role throughout the show grew and expanded brilliantly in LUKE CAGE and DEFENDERS.  Glad to see she will be back in LUKE CAGE season 2, rocking her full metal arm.  I hope she will get to expand the role a little.  Misty Knight has long been a favorite character of mine, including recently in FEARLESS DEFENDERS and SAM WILSON: CAPTAIN AMERICA.

At first I thought the arm looked a little odd, until I realized she was holding a gun.  Still not 100% sure what I think of it, but I definitely will wait to see what it looks like in action before making any real judgement.