Action Comics #987 spoilers - The Identity of Mr Oz revealed at last!

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For a long time now, Superman has been stalked by a mysterious figure calling himself Mr Oz.  There was a lot of speculation who Mr Oz could be.  I have been pretty firm in my prediction that it was Watchmen's Ozymandias, because that seemed to fall in line with what DC has been teasing since the start of DC Rebirth.  Well, in ACTION COMICS #987, we finally got the answer to "Who is Mr Oz?"

Drum Roll Please!

Mr Oz is none other than Superman's father, Jor-El!

Well, okay.  It really is official. No one in comics can stay dead.  Just a few months ago, we found out that Supergirl's parents were alive and well too.  The DC Universe is getting a bit Kryptonian heavy lately. Personally, I don't really like the idea of bringing Jor-El back.  Superman as the sole Kryptonian was an important element of comics when I started reading them (Post-Crisis Supergirl wasn't even Kryptonian).  I like Dan Jurgens a lot, so I am waiting to see how this plays out before being too heavily critical, but at the same time, I still would have much preferred they go with Ozymandias or a Pre-Crisis Superman or pretty much anything else.