LEGO Nexo Knights: Storm Over Knighton Sees Monstrox Return

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Nexo Knights Season 3 on DVD

The Book of Monsters, aka Monstrox (MARK OLIVER) has been defeated. Jestro (VINCENT TONG) has been freed from his influence and is back to doing poor jokes for the kingdom of Knighton. And the Nexo Knights have earned their well-deserved rest, with Lance Richmond (IAN HANLIN) co-starring as a morning talk show host and Macy Halbert (ERIN MATHEWS) taking on more duties as a Princess.

But the peace is to be short-lived. There's a cloud on the horizon -- and it talks! Monstrox is back, this time as a cloud, and his magical lightning can do two things: return Jestro to his evil alter ego, and animate stone objects to life! Now Jestro, Monstrox, and an army of stone soldiers are wreaking havoc across the land as they collect lost forbidden powers -- powers to rust, rot, crumble and burn. And when the leader of the knights, Clay Moorington (GILES PANTON) gets caught in one of Monstrox's lightning blasts, he learns he is slowly turning to stone, leaving him and Merlok 2.0 to start seeking out a replacement leader for the Knights.

The knights get some new powers in this season, including the ability to combine three Nexo powers into one. And due to Clay's progressive condition, he requires a special battlesuit for fighting, which soon enough all the knights have as well. This ramps up the action for the kids, but the adults are cynical enough to know what new battlesuits and vehicles mean: expansion of the LEGO toy line, and more things to buy for Christmas. (The upside: "some assembly required" is actually the fun part!)

Jestro Turns Evil -- Again!

Jestro gets a new look this season, trading in his red-and-purple look (that made him hard to distinguish from Harley Quinn minifigs) to a purple-and-gold outfit. He also gets a new sidekick, a rejected sculptor, who can chisel out new monsters and vehicles from stone for Monstrox to animate. And as quickly as the Nexo Knights can defeat the rock monsters, Monstrox can reanimate them. It seems a lost cause, unless Ava (MARYKE HENDRIKSE) can reach deep into Merlok 2.0's corrupted memory files and discover everything Merlok has forgotten about who Monstrox really is and how he came to be.

01. The Cloud
02. A LIttle Rusty
03. Mount Thunderstrox
04. Rotten Luck
05. Storm Over Rock Wood
06. Miner Setback
07. Knight at the Museum
08. Hot Rock Massage
09. Rock Bottom
10. In Charge
4.0 / 5.0