Devil's Advocate: Lucifer Episode 304, "What Would Lucifer Do?"

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What Would Lucifer Do?

As Lucifer (TOM ELLIS) works on getting back to the Devil he used to be, he's caught in flagrante delicto with a judge's wife (KELLY DOWDLE). But Lucifer being Lucifer strikes a deal with the judge (TEEN WOLF's JOHN POSEY) for what the judge really desires -- which, at his age, is a nap and to get back with his ex-wife rather than the several-years-younger yoga instructor. Lucifer is happy to oblige, but now the judge owes him a favor.

At the precinct, Detective Chloe Decker (LAUREN GERMAN) asks for more responsibilities from her CO, Lietenant Marcus Pierce (TOM WELLING). She wants to be the new union rep, and Pierce shoots down her request without explanation. But a new body has dropped, so he tells her to get on that instead. Ella (AIMEE GARCIA) oversees the meeting and thinks the body language indicates that Pierce is very into Chloe, which Chloe sincerely doubts.

When Lucifer returns home, Amenadiel (D.B. WOODSIDE) is waiting for him. He's learned that his task is Lucifer, but he doesn't know what to do, teach him or learn from him. Lucifer suggests that Amenadiel "walk a mile in his Italian loafers." He gets him a fashion makeover and gives him access to all his social media accounts, then tells him to get laid, play the piano, and punish evil -- whenever an opportunity arises, just ask, "WWLD?"

The murder case of the episode is at a ranch designed to help reform juvenile drug offenders. Lucifer thinks it's a scam, that people cannot be changed, but the camp's founder, Jerry Blackcrow (ANTONIO JARAMILLO, DAYS OF OUR LIVES), says that they just need the right motivation. He explains that the kids earn privileges through behavior changes. The top earners wear a badge shaped like -- wait for it -- wings. This outrages Lucifer, who bursts out, "You trick them into thinking they've changed by giving them wings?" Understandable, as Lucifer has recently been dealing the the re-emergence of his own angelic wings, which he keeps trying to cut off each time they grow back.

When the initial suspect, Tyson (RICKEY EUGENE BROWN), is brought in, Lucifer tries to prove his maxim of "Once bad, always bad." But Tyson's testimony under interrogation leads the investigation down another path. So Lucifer decides to prove his point on a larger scale by showing up as the substitute counselor at the camp to replace the murdered one. And when he finds out from the kids what they really want -- which is basically to get back to being their old selves -- he teaches a course on how to deal drugs, with all science and finance involved in it. But one student, Carly (SAXON SHARBINO, FREAKISH), already knows everything she needs to know, and shows Lucifer the drug empire that exists right there on the ranch. So Lucifer's class now gets a little more "hands on" as the students begin to package and ship.

Meanwhile, Amenadiel takes Lucifer's advice and tries to be Lucifer. But it all backfires on him, and when he does find a woman interested in him...she turns out to be a call girl, and he's arrested. Fortunately, he is able to get help from Detective Dan Espinoza (KEVIN ALEJANDRO), who gives him a different perspective into what it's like to be Lucifer Morningstar -- a sad and lonely existence.

As the case winds down, Chloe and Lt. Pierce come to a new understanding of each other, and the viewers are left to wonder if Pierce is intentionally trying to come between Chloe and Lucifer. When Chloe is shot at, Pierce is there to protect her, which irks Lucifer to no end as he was elsewhere. So Lucifer tracks down the killer and beats him mercilessly until Amenadiel shows up to stop him. "You're not evil," Amenadiel tells him. "You're the devil, you punish evil. Your words."

"What Would Lucifer Do" is a nice standalone story that adds to the growing arc of the season. There's no mention of the Sinner Man that Lucifer has been curious about, but we definitely are left wondering if Marcus Pierce is more than he seems to be.

4.0 / 5.0