Disney announces cast for THE LION KING

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Disney has been doing quite a few of their animated movies as live-action films the last few years.  Honestly, I tend to like the animated originals better, but the live-action versions have all been pretty good.   They will be releasing THE LION KING in Summer 2019.  Which is a bit strange, since it obviously have have to basically be entirely computer-generated (similar to THE JUNGLE BOOK). 

Disney announced the cast, and it is a hell of a line-up!

I love the mix of hot actors like Donald Glover, Chiwetel Ejiofor, Keegan Michael-Key and Beyonce with legendary talent like James Earl Jones and Alfrie Woodard. John Kani isn't all that well-known in America, but he's an icon on the world stage.  I am also happy to see John Oliver as Zazu...that just seems to be the role he was born to play.  This should all come together as one hell of a film. 

One last note, I was a little weirded out to see Eric Andre in a kid's movie.