Kids Will Always Love "Ralphie"

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Ralphie, Always Loved

If you're a dog lover (or know someone who is -- this is the Christmas season, after all), then you'll want to check out Andrea Yerramilli's

children's book, RALPHIE, ALWAYS LOVED from About Something Good press.

Ralphie is a pup who was persistently returned to the animal shelter for doing what comes naturally to puppies -- especially ones who don't get


When his fourth family picks him out, he finds himself in a whole new environment of love (and rules). He has his good moments and bad, but

experiences growth throughout his life. He learns how to behave around new children and how to take on the responsibilities of the older dog. The only thing he doesn't have to learn is how to return the love given to him -- that comes naturally.

With charming illustrations by Samantha van Riet, this children's book is dedicated to the real Ralphie who inspired Yerramilli to write his story. Now Ralphie's memory will live with you as well.

4.0 / 5.0