Catching Up: The Flash Episode 405, "Girls Night Out"

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The Flash, Girls Night Out

While perhaps not the "flashiest" of THE FLASH episodes, "Girls Night Out" is a fun bit of personal introspection and partying, as the members of Team Flash split up into boys and girls for the respective bachelor and bachelorette parties of Barry Allen (GRANT GUSTIN) and Iris West (CANDICE PATTON). And just to give it that extra bit of fun, we get a guest appearance from ARROW's Felicity Smoak (EMILY BETT RICKARDS).

Team Iris -- Iris, Felicity, Caitlin Snow (DANIELLE PANABAKER) and Cecile Horton (DANIELLE NICOLET) have planned a quiet little dinner at a fancy restaurant. Team Barry -- Barry, Cisco (CARLOS VALDES), Joe West (JESSE L MARTIN), and Harry Wells (TOM CAVANAGH) are enjoying a quiet brandy and home movies at the West household. Both parties get crashed by unwelcome guests that throw the whole evening into disarray.

First, the newest member of Team Flash, Ralph Dibny (HARTLEY SAWYER) shows up at Barry's so-called party and hijacks it, taking them all on a trip to his favorite strip club. (Okay, it's not technically a strip club as the girls dance in bikinis.) They have some drinks, and Cisco has brought along Barry's special concoction that allows him to get drunk without burning through the alcohol too quickly. But Ralph's "Leisure Suit Larry" personality causes a barfight and the team ends up in jail.

The girls have things a little weirder than that when the bouncer from the bar where we found Caitlin working early in the season arrives -- and drops his eyeball. Yep, he's a meta, and he's got a snake in his skull that peeks out through his eye socket. He works for another meta named Amunet Black (KATEE SACKHOFF), who wants Caitlin back under her thumb -- or, more specifically, Caitlin's more powerful alter ego, Killer Frost.

Amunet is running a drug operation using a newly acquired metahuman, The Weeper (MATT ALFONSO), as the supply. His tears have an addicting quality that she plans to sell. (How she found out that licking his tears creates this effect is anyone's guess. I suppose someone had to be the first to lick a toad to get high.) It takes all the girl power the team can muster to defeat her, especially when they can't summon The Flash (because his phone's been confiscated by the strip bikini club bouncer).

Amunet vows revenge as she's being taken away, so we'll surely see her again in the future. As for the rescued Weeper, when we see him again, he is being pursued by The Thinker (NEIL SANDILANDS) in a flying moebius chair, or maybe it's MODOK's apparatus. (Yes, I know MODOK is a Marvel character -- but hey, speaking of Marvel, we get another Marvel shout-out in this episode when Felicity declares that Caitlin's back-and-forth switch between herself and Killer Frost is just like The Incredible Hulk!)

4.0 / 5.0