Devil's Advocate: Lucifer Episode 310, "The Sin Bin"

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Lucifer 310, The Sin Bin

When a woman's 911 call reveals the Sinnerman's work is still being carried out despite his incarceration, Team Lucifer determines that the Sinnerman must have an accomplice. Lucifer's plan is to take the Sinnerman out fo custody and torture him into revealing the girl's location, but he has to play along with Chloe's method of going by-the-book and following up leads. Her investigation takes them to the world of roller derby and a skater with whom the abducted girl, Maggie, has had fights. And while she knows nothing of the abuction, Helena Handbasket does know where Maggie parks her car, leading #Deckerstar straight to a booby-trap.

Ultimately, Chloe decides that Lucifer is right -- that they must break the Sinnerman out of custody so that he can lead them to the place where Maggie is being held hostage. The break-out involves Lucifer doing a favor, and an elaborate fake bomb threat at the station. But they find an unexpected ally in the one person they were trying to work around: Lt. Marcus Pierce. They find the missing girl, but as they rescue her both the Sinnerman and Lucifer go missing. Pierce suggests that the accomplice got them both, but Chloe suspects this was all part of Lucifer's plan to get the Sinnerman alone so he could torture him for information.

Cast Listing

Lucifer Morningstar: Tom Ellis
Det. Chloe Decker: Lauren German
Lt. Marcus Pierce: Tom Welling
Dan: Kevin Alejandro
Charlotte: Tricia Helfer
Ella: Aimee Garcia
Trixie: Scarlett Estevez
Mazikeen: Lesley-Ann Brandt

The Sinnerman: Kevin arroll
Maggie Cole: Britt Baron
Helena Handbasket: Anastasia Leddick

She's right. Lucifer wants to know how the Sinnerman was able to slap his wings back on him and steal his devil-face. But he has no plans to torture the Sinnerman -- he has Mazikeen for that. Astonishingly, however, while they determine that the Sinnerman is, indeed, merely human, he withstands all of Mazikeen's torture without breaking. We find that what the Sinnerman truly wants is for Lucifer to kill him -- but angels are proscribed against killing humans, because God would get very, very angry. Lucifer is tempted, however, and in a struggle with the Sinnerman, he is found by Pierce, who shoots the Sinnerman dead.

This would seem to put the investigation at a dead end, much to Lucifer's frustrations, as he was close to finding out the mystery of why the Sinnerman needed Lucifer -- and only Lucifer -- to kill him. He does get one step closer, however, when looking over the evidence in Ella's lab, specifically in the way it relates to what would seem to be an immortal crime boss and an unusual mark on Lt. Pierce's arm. It's a theory he puts to the test in dramatic fashion in this fall mid-season finale.

Also in this episode, Charlotte becomes a little bit more of a "good person" when she has to spend time with Dan's daughter, Trixie, for emergency babysitting, and Trixie teaches her a little about what a mom can and can't do.

This episode is much better than the last, as we see Lucifer being much more Luciferian, and less prone to mortal traps and attacks. I'd still like to see him exhibit a little more of the smarts someone of his stature and longevity should show, but "The Sin Bin" was a good showing nonetheless.

4.0 / 5.0