Marvel announces new Exiles series by Saladin Ahmed and Javier Rodriguez for April

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Few matters can force a super hero into exile. And even fewer can cause that hero to return.

But when a mysterious threat puts an alternate future in jeopardy, the teleporting X-Man named Blink—who once fought alongside a classic collection of outcasts, mutants, and strangers—joins a new group in an attempt to save the multiverse. This April, writer Saladin Ahmed and artist Javier Rodriguez leap into the future with EXILES!

In this brand-new ongoing series, the man once called Nick Fury—now known simply as the Unseen—observes Earth from his abode on the moon. When a strange force imperils all of existence, the Unseen recruits Blink, Khan, Iron Lad, Wolvie, and an as-yet-unseen hero to save the past, the present, and the future.

“EXILES is a two-fisted, big-hearted wild ride of a book about a diverse team of alternate universe Marvel heroes banding together to stop a dire threat to the multiverse. Sort of WHAT IF? meets classic X-Men,” teases Ahmed. “Grizzled old Kamala Khan! Disgustingly cute cartoon Wolverine! It’s a dream of a book to be working on for a Marvel fanboy such as myself, full of deep-cut guest stars and mind-blowing easter eggs. But it’s also new-reader friendly—a self-contained story of a group of misfits coming together, learning to trust each other, and, if they’re lucky, saving the !@$# universe.”

This April, writer Saladin Ahmed and artist Javier Rodriguez put the multiverse up for grabs in EXILES!

Commentary: I am a huge EXILES fan.  The original series by Judd Winick (WHERE HAVE YOU GONE JUDD WINICK) remains one of my all time favorite series.  In 2009 when Marvel launched EXILES vol. 2, I wasn't even reading comics at the time but I would walk 2 miles each month from work to the closest comic shop just to pick up the first issue...and then I subscribed to it.  Pretty much the only comic I've ever subscribed to in 25 years as a comic fan.  I was heart-broken when it ended after only 6 issues.  

I love how quirky the first team is.  Nice to see the real Nick Fury back!  And you really can't have EXILES without Blink.  And what's up with X-Baby Wolverine?  Though if this is true EXILES, you probably shouldn't get too attached to the team.  Hopefully Marvel will put some support behind this book and give it a real chance to succeed.  I am definitely looking forward to it.