CW superhero shows return Jan 15

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CW posted a fun little trailer announcing the return of their superhero shows starting next week.  I did think it was odd since LEGENDS OF TOMORROW isn't coming back yet, and they didn't include BLACK LIGHTNING which also debuts this week. I know it is a different canon (for now), but I haven't seen a lot of advertising muscle put behind that show, so it just seems like CW doesn't have a lot of faith in it.  Making it part of the Arrowverse could have been a real good way to give it some legs.

Speaking LEGENDS OF TOMORROW, over the weekend, they announced that LEGENDS OF TOMORROW would be taking over SUPERGIRL's timeslot, with SUPERGIRL finishing it's season in early Summer.  Lots of strange moves going on with CW.  Hopefully they will be standing by their shows.  ARROW, FLASH, SUPERGIRL, and LEGENDS OF TOMORROW have all been great this season so far and I don't want to lose any of them any time soon,